Oh no did I just kill my clone?

OK so I just got this clone of a gorilla glue plant and I watered it really good and put it outside to get some sun and it wilted and it’s almost all wilted!
I feel like I might’ve just killed it and I hope that I didn’t. I need to know what to do now. Please help! I thought it would’ve liked the sunshine but I guess I was wrong I definitely did something wrong I need somebody to give me some insight very much appreciate that

Welcome to the community! Sorry for your dilemma. What kind of soil are you in? Also, the direct sun was probably too much. Looks like heat and no humidity. Are you ph’ing the water before giving any?


What @Borderryan22 said. And you have to introduce them to the sun slowly, at first.

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She’ll probably be ok. Ya gotta harden them off to direct sunlight a little at a time. Like start with an hour or 2 at a time,then give it a break. Space it out over a week or so…

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Thank you guys so much for the insight! So I guess I shouldn’t put her outside for a while now. Is that all I can do? I don’t know what the ph of the water & soil are.