Oh! I'm excited, found SD surprise


I found a seed
It has SD on the bag**strong text****
I think it’s a SD seed.
Anyone familiar with seed color? Can you tell by color and size? What it might be…like I said they just said it had SD on the sack. Okay waiting on on this one for when it’s a bit cooler to start, it’s going to be a sench, I hope. ThankS to you all!



I’m going to say no, on the tell by the looks of it. Sour diesel is a good strain and you can smell the sour in the buds . One way you could assume that’s the seeds strain. The seed looks like a fat healthy one though.


It does, lmao I dreamed last night I found two more lol!


like hitting the lotto!!! 10$ present!


Ikr lol @BIGE


Hey I got a better picture of it today, see if it showas up better on here


Jackpot!!! Happy growing!


If your this excited by a seed your head is going to explode if it grows.


Lmao :stuck_out_tongue:


@budexpressnow you may need to take that # down…


Damg, did I miss something?