Oh crap...flushing plant lead to this?

I am at mid week 7 of flower, and started to flush this plant at the beginning of this week. When checking my plants this AM, saw these leaves and got concerned. Pics are below grow info.

Strain: WW Fem purchased @ ILGM

Soil in pots: Fox Farms Ocean Forest

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.0

What is strength of nutrient mix? Flushing, so no nutes. Was using DynaGrow Bloom through flowering at 1/4 tsp per gallon.

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor in 2.5 x 4 x 4.5 tent

Light system: Two of these units.

Temps: 68 low 80 high, ave around 76

Humidity: 35%

Ventilation system: 240 CFM 6" inline fan pulling through Apollo Horticulture 6" scrubber

Co2; no

Being that you’re flushing, you’re letting the plant use up whatever nutrients are left in the roots and plat itself. Once the plant has used up its nutrients it will show deficiencies and as far as I’ve researched this is normal. Lets you know you got all the nutrients out and will make for a smoother tastier smoke.

Not that nutrient issues - nothing you can do at this stage but keep flushing. Next grow look at nutrient’s use and amounts of --they need to be lessen ; generally feed up to 1/2 amounts as directed = never no issues Remember --Less is Best

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It’s strange, they didn’t show any signs of nute burn through the grow. This just started after flushing. I understand soil takes a bit longer, but wouldn’t there have been clues to it being nute burn along the way?

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what are you flushing with — never heard of a plant having a negative response with flushing. Remember once you see a issue you are all ready 2 weeks behind in fixing it

Flushing with RO water. It was naturally at 6.5 PH.

My guess is, since this is my first grow, I must have just missed the signs that I was burning them. Thanks for the help, I’ll certainly lower them next grow.

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One learns something new each grow and your next grow is all ways better than thew last


Remember when using LED’s watch for heat burn which is a common error - Light being to close

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I really like the light, but I’m not sure if both are 100% necessary for my grow space. It feels adding the second one may have been a bit much. I’m harvesting in about ten days, and may pull the second light for the next grow (using it for some veggies).

I was curious what others thought about it in my 2.5x4 grow space. (edit: my scrubber is using about 1’ of space, so it’s really more like 2.5’x3’ )