Oh Blackwater...at my Buds place again

At my buds place again


Real good looking grow.

Nice looking buds. What strain ?

Beautiful! What week of flowering are they?



They came down yesterday and went to the hanging shed. Dense and heavy buds…


From ilgm or where? Thanks for reply @nugsrgood

I hope it doesn’t taste like it sounds!

I bought some Purple Diesel one time. They should have called it Swamp Sludge!

It was pretty bud. Supposedly a high THC content. It tasted like I fell face down in a mud hole in the swamp with my mouth open!

It had a nice buzz to it, but I couldn’t bear the taste. I don’t mind “earthy”. That went way beyond earthy!

I hope you enjoy and would love a report of how the final results are. Beautiful buds !