OGR Strawberry Bubba - 8 plant mini sog 2x2 - 135w HLG

Hey hey hope everyone is doing well. I took a break from my grow for a bit. Veg lights are back on as of today!

Grabbed 8 clones of OG Raskal’s Strawberry Bubba (Strawberry Cough x Bubba Kush) from an old head who has had it for a while. Looks to be the more Bubba leaning pheno (fatter leaves as opposed to skinny) but even these babies smell like fresh strawberries. Supposed to be a 45 day flower and done. Will have to just see for myself :wink:

I am planning to do this round in 1 gallon fabric pots, with Floraflex caps and a drip system with a tiny pump feeding them once a day. 8 plants in a 24"x24" space, SOG style.

Just transplanted tonight into 50/50 mix of FFHF and Perlite, with a little sip of watering in.

Will start them on some light Roots Organics nutes this week.



Way to get after it! Best of luck with this one!


That’s going to be tight, I love it!


I have been debating whether or not to mother a plant and then clone her out to do a SOG in my 3x3. Im watching, good luck brosky, happy growing!!! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Hey everyone. Sorry I havent posted a follow up. Those genetics were bunk. I tossed them a few weeks in. New setup coming soon :wink: