OG Kush VS White Widow VS Super Skunk?

So I am hoping to get some seeds from ILGM soon, I’ve narrowed down my search to these strains. I have only grown one plant to the end and I have still have a lot to learn, how many of you guys have grown these strains and which one do you recommend for a beginnerer? I really like the idea of growing white widow because it’s popular but I also like OG Kush. I have never tried Skunks before but I am not really picky, I am looking for something that will stay smaller with good yields. I am going to try and scrog with my seeds from ILGM.

What do you guys think?

One thing about the White widow is on the page a few people said they ordered and it took a long time for them not to get their package…I would like to get my seeds within a few weeks and if they’re back ordered I would rather choose something else.

I went with white widow and og Kush , but I have only the Kush growing right now , my first white widow didn’t germ on time . But I’m just learning and started with 3 bag seeds and had quite few issues , I’m kind of getting the process dial in ah little with lots of reading , and learning how to correct mistakes in growing . I’m hoping I can keep it consistent to get to a harvest , that way the next grow shouldn’t be so complex . But it’s a matter of choice I think , white widow from my understanding can with stand quite a bit of stress and still manage to yield .

That’s kind of in the boat I am in, but my first grow went OK, so I am thinking I should be able to do some that I have money invested in. Any other thoughts?? Unfortunately I can’t afford both of them.

If you think growing is challenging , harvesting also has a process of its own . It’s 3 very precise stages to this , vegging , flowering , and harvesting , and all 3 comes with all sorts of issues especially indoors trying to mimic outdoor conditions to cultivate a healthy plants .

Yes I have done it, wasn’t easy and I had a lot of issues. Despite all that I actually came out with a decent harvest of decent bud considering I had no nutes and incandescent lights and bag seed.

I’m there now , lots of issues , but seemingly things are slowly progressing . I’m thinking it’s the white buckets , maybe black would be a better options since I don’t have high temps .