OG Kush seeds not germinating

I’m currently 0-8 germinating OG Kush seeds and I’m baffled. Tried water as instructed and paper towel method and nothing. Support is telling me that seeds can stay in water up to 5 days so be patient. This failure rate astounding as I’ve never had an issue before so any help would be appreciated

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Dang, I know you’re not the only one saying this just today, others in a Facebook group I’m in are saying this about there og kush seeds, what seed company are you using?

ILGM and they’ve sent me more but I think it’s a lost cause. I’ll keep trying but it’s such BS. I’ve never had issues like this and not even being able to sprout the tap root sucks the fun out of this.

Sorry to hear ur having a hard time. Maybe its just a bad batch? I recall a year or so ago, blueberry’s giving people the business trying to germinate. I havent heard much on the og k this year but its possible.

A good method for starting stubborn seeds is scuffing the shell a bit. Like very gently with sandpaper or something of that texture. Just to scratch the surface a bit n help water permeate the shell.

U tried the water, paper towel… as in

24 hours in water with a drop of peroxide
24 hours in a DAMP (not wet) papertowel somewhere warm
N still no root at all? 0 for 8 just is :poop: odds

And lastly i had a few seeds not pop last drop. I recycled their soil after a month of useless watering dead seeds in soil. Then reused the soil last week for clones. When i saturated the soil (as i do a couple days before taking clones) apparently one germd! The day i was cutting clones i had a mystery baby pop up.

Just saying. Ive had some take 5-6 days. Some shot a tap in the first 24. Just be patient

Hell the lemon og I actually popped tails and now only 2 have came to the surface. She’s a tough you know what apparently. Try a warm area with water in a glass that helped these along after 3-4 days no tails.

I’ve tried water in the glass and paper towel method and nothing. I even tried wet paper towel in bag placed in warm area and still nothing. I’ll try scuffing the shell though to see if I have any luck. I got the replacement seeds I got yesterday in a glass now so I’m praying for something. If that batch fails I will be 0-14 which can only point to the age or handling of the seeds. ILGM told me seeds can soak in glass for up to 5 days which is terrible advice. They must not know what a seed looks like after spending 5 days in a glass of water. Mushy turd

I just had one seed go 5 days till it poked a tail. Patience and that sh it it’s Mother Nature.

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