OG Kush seeds in the soil

Hi all, floated em in a glass of water for 24 hours. 20 seeds and most opened up a bit and revealed a lil white root piece? I put em in miracle pot soil under fluorescent bulb 2" above. Question if you please? Girls are in outside green house with only heat from the sun. So at night and in morning it’s say 50 Fahrenheit. Seeds have been in the soil 24 hr. Oh by the way I’m keeping the soil moist. Am I doing enough to start these girls on their way? Thanks for your help, Roger

I ordered same seeds let me know how there doin so far I’ve been practicing with some reg seeds and I used MC seedling soil and there doin great from what I’ve learned on this site no nutrients in soil when starting off…they will respond with what I need to do

Yes what I’m trying to figure out, is it warm enough for my seeds to sprout through the soil in my current configuration?

Reach out garrigan62 this guy knows his shit very well they need to put him on payroll

I don’t know how to reach out to him but thank you for your help

50 degrees sounds to cold I would bring them inside least till they little older

I believe your on the right track, although I would have them under the lights for a while to really get them going to at least 2-3 inches tall. Are the lights outside or from indoor germination. Good luck

Hey what’s up haven’t seen any, new pics how your girls doin

I’m in a outdoor green house. That’s plenty warm during the day drops to 50 at night. Put my seeds in soil under fluorescent light. The light stays on 24 hour and is only for the newly planted seeds. Here’s a pic. They have been in soil 30 hours.

Doing good with the exception of boron def. I did post pics on (the grow) week 14 flower 10. Girls just don’t want to finish though. Am prepping for harvest soon, but too many options to choose from. Last harvest was a little green tasting, so will work on that.
Thanks for your inquiry.

Normally you should keep your seedlings at or above 80f. You may succeed in keeping them alive, but I would want to keep them warm.

If you have a heating mat to keep the root zone warm, then it would not present much of an issue.

A fellow grower says:

I nothing in the germination instructions about heat:–( I sure hope I haven’t ruined all 20 of my OG Kush babies.
Today is three days in the soil. fingers crossed and I will put a heater in the room when I get home from work today.

One other important note: You should not put seedlings into potting soil with fertilizer until they established 4-5 alternating nodes of leaves which in turn proves they have an established root zone. I hope the soil is not too hot for the babies.

Miracle grow potting soil and water that’s it today’s three days in the soil fingers crossed thank you 55° at night 75 to 85 during the day if I have a problem it would be that the temps drop at night still again hoping for the best I have a heating mat coming tomorrow I’ll add that to the system then hope it’s not too late thank you. Roger

12 of 20 popped up today:) now I wonder if the direct sunlight through the walls of the greenhouse are going to present a problem for the brand-new babies? All the help I received from this forum is greatly appreciated thank you. Roger

You may want to cover them with some 60% shade cloth. If you can only find 20-30%; Use 2 pieces one on top of the other

18 of 20 have popped up after 4 days in soil. :slight_smile:

how far from the newly germinated og Kush and Golden leaf be from the light source (600 watt digital grow light with sodium halide light). Still in germinating soil so I am making certain that they are fully hydrated. Thanks

You really should not use a 600w HID lamp for seedlings. Buy a T5 4 lamp 2’ or 4’ system for seedlings.

If I had to use a 600w lamp for seedlings; I would start about 36" above plants and raise or lower depending on heat produced at seedling level. You want it warm not hot, and not too cool. Also an oscillating fan is also necessary to keep radiant heat from damaging the tender leaves, and to strengthen the stems.

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