OG kush says hard to grow

Upon reading they have OG kush as hard to grow. I’m feeling pretty fortunate on this one so far, but today is 7 weeks into flower, and there’s no way it’ll be done in 8 like they say. I’d guess closer to 10.


Im assuming auto. Looks great nice work!

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I guess they say that due to the propensity to self-pollinate or maybe the big stretch they’ll take under inadequate lighting. I’ve grown them from White Label and I currently have one from DNA going and in my experience they’ve been easy to manage, vigorous growing plants.

Looks like yours has been plenty vigorous itself. Nice job.


Dont let the manufacturer time line fool you, you have a waysto go. All that white hair hasnt even begun to turn yet.

Nope, photo.

I know, I don’t even know if three weeks will do it. Buds are getting nice a dense though. Hope I don’t get rot, or mold. I can’t get humidity in the 40’s like recommended.

Keep temp as low as possible and increase circulation to help. What rh are u dealing with.

Plenty of air movement, and temps aren’t an issue either, humidity ranges from 50 to 69 with lights out.


I think youwill be good Dex. She is a beauty!