Og Kush problems

Do I use all the solution for 1 calibration then I have to buy more?

yes first off you should read my above comments carefully . once you have pre pared the solution you should label it, keep it to use, every time you need to check your pen you use this solution to confirm your pens accuracy . does this make sense…???

Ok. Sorry for the confusion I just thought I had to buy new solution every time I had to calibrate the meter.

No Worry’s .well get you their good buddy :.{ ]

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Hey Hammer, what will happen if I chopped my Sativa down early? I’m currently on day 39 of flower. I’m trying to cut down early because it’s been showing sings of leaf septoria I think. I want to make space for next rotation, any tips or suggestions?

not familiar with Septoria ?? can look it up , but enlighten me …

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Not too familiar either it’s my first encounter.

I just google it & I saw some pics that looked exactly like my symptoms did.

Maybe it’s peptoria I get confused

I’m not too sure. Im a novice grower, not sure even how to make oil

So I should get rid of it as soon as possible?

Just killed my last popped top myself & smoked a nice bowl. I appreciate all the walkthroughs & help Hammer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just not a problem . you and others would do the same for me on this forum. Let me ask you have you thought about auto flower there fast and designed to work in cooler weather and supposed to flower by age not lite schedule … Not trying to be a sales man but Robert offers a lot of deals on autos get on the mail list … but read close get rapid ones if time is short …just a thought

Never thought of autos, seen them though. I really just aimed for Indica dominant plants. I got strawberry k & og k with my first order. Man I gotta give you props, I was just looking over your pics in the post " what nutrients are best" f***ING awesome man. I wanna know how I can get almost 1 oz colas.

off the top of my head id say a northern lights strain or big bud .

Cool thanks.

currently iam using advanced nutes coinsurer a&b grow and bloom . used their 3 part for years … on the last if you look at certain plants you’ll see a big diff one one end …that end also burn out a bulb old age . or bad genes . long story on the last part ask me in the lounge some time …lmao . but those arn’t as big or heaviest ive grown big bud was … sorry no picts .that’s the story had picts, polaroid’s for MANY grows over years 3 each … burned in fire place ,mmm…

be back in a bit gotta go back to shop to finish milling … H PS new girls new mother’s Super silver haze ,rain bow kush, Borderliner extreme

If you want ‘one ounce colas’ like you mentioned, I know you won’t get em’ by ‘chopping’ your plants down at 39 days because you think they ‘might’ have this or that! Patience!

From what I could tell by the picture your plants look fine! Why not let them grow!? - good luck

10x better instructions from you than the ones that come with the pen, they should pay you for such good advice hammer

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