Og Kush problems

Not sure what this is, anybody know? Please enlighten me.

What am I to say no picture no details??

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Herbman TX first you must enlighten us as to your problem :wink:

Sorry was trying to upload a pic right after I posted that but I got side tracked. Sorry here is 1 pic.

What is that fan leaf doing? Could it be a ph problem?

I think it’s my ph because I haven’t checked it in a week or two.

do you have a ph pen or meter??

I have liquid & just got a pen but don’t know how to use the pen

I check the ph of my water every time before i feed them. Next day i test my soil. I had problems with ph when i moved. Good luck


did yours come with instuctions .?? some do some don’t . can you post a pictso i can see it ???the one i use you calibrate with a push of a button some use a small screw to adjust . is the liquid a calibration fluid …??

as 4

I have the little tube & liquid ph tester as well, but I’m color blind so it’s hard for me to tell which color the results were.

no prob .what is the large number on the container??

What number on what container?

typically you get a calibration fluid with ph pen to set it sccurately

It came with these.

Do yall have any thoughts on these btw? This is a Mexican bag seed, I got lucky it wasn’t a hermie.

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looks like you have a beautiful sticky sativa … :{ ]…AS to you question’s you have powdered ph powder … so use distilled water …which comes as drinking water , BUT you have to be carful some distill it then they add minerals for taste… you need pure … and 2 very clean bottles to make your solution in 1 will be your 4.01 at 25 degrees Celsius the other will be 6.86 ph at 25 degrees C,As to your next thought ,how much water ??? well it should be on back of your packs …BE VERY ACCURATE in measuring the water or the solution will be Inaccurate … now you’ve Made the solution’s take your new pen and wash the probes by using soapy water and sloshing it around " the probe end. then rince . use warm water ,not hot …then submerge the probes in and let set for 5 mins or so. then turn on the pen ,don’t rest the probes on the bottom of the container when taking your reading …it should match the numbers on your labeled solution’s it’ll take 1-2 mins to stabilize .yours may have a screw you’ll have to turn to fine tune it . helpful hint …soak it in the 4.01 for awhile longer if its reading is inaccurate on its first test …reason most manufactures will have it already calibrated it… ps when your done using it allways rince in distilled water , dry with a clean paper towel or white coffee filter . at some point donw the road you have problems with its reading polish up the probes shiny … before adjusting … i use a cheapo from china "new purchase " that use’s a glass probe …

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one more thing cant be sure cause of the lighting and photo BUT it looks like your light is to close to ur Girls leaves look bleached