OG kush not budding, just producing more leaves

From a fellow grower: og kush auto

coco coir with clay pebbles
6.0 - 6.1
fox farm / general hydroponic 70% in an autopot
82-74 degrees
50 -60% humidity
open closet but it is ventilated with a carbon filter and fan…
ac and heat in the house… stays room temp…
I use a humidifier when it’s cold cause my heat sucks moisture out of the air.
no CO2…

I planted 2 autos about 10 weeks ago. 1 is starting week 5 of flower but the other has not stretched or changed at all… they both started popping pistols about the same time but as 1 has stretched and grown buds, the other has just grown more and more new leaves. I cut a lot of the under bush and dedicated a light strictly to this plant… it seems healthy, it has popped pistols, but it has had no real change in almost a month…

the bottom pic was a month ago when they both started to flower… the other pic was yesterday… the plant on the right is the same size with no change in buds… please help


Welcome ! Nice plants keep taking care of them. The second one will come around and flower. I have had autos Planted the same day and flower a month apart. Good luck.

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You may want to consider flipping light schedule to 12/12. I know autos don’t care but I believe mine always benefited from 12/12. Plus you can save a little on power costs.


I’m with bubblehead keep taking care flip to 12-12 and she’ll come around good luck

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One of the main reasons I do grow 12/12 as it saves on the power bill.

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My best auto grown to date was on a 12/12. Put it in with a photo