Og KUSH is not bulking up but growing very nice?

My OG Kush is just got bulking up but it is growing very nice. I was using monster bud I think that’s the name growtek? And my green crack is filling out nicely and so is the super silver. It’s just the OG looks to be lacking at week 6 of flower. Any ideas?
Thanks I love, ILGM!!
Just an FYI, of these seeds that this one came from on my last grow one of the from seed plant hermed on me!! And my fans blew pollen all over my other girls and seeded everything!!! Is anyone else growing oh kush bought from here about a year ago and having any of these same problems. My enviroment is right on. I quadruple checked everything after I found it happen. Everything looks great!!! Just not plumping up like my First ever I grew and it was an og kush from a different source. Fyi.

I buy my seeds from Robert… Mostly WW and ya i had a hermie here and there and it wasn’t the seed it was caused by stress related issues…


Tha is what I though, me being new I must have missed something. I paid 2 different hydro shops to check everything because I could not!!! Have that happen again!! So both after several days of testing and making sure the temps didn’t kove that much and tools notes on everything I did. Both come back to genetics. So that’s why I was asking on a broad scale. I tried asking with out posting but was directed here.

It can happen…I really don’t worry about it …I just pull it as soon as I see it forming never letting it get to far at all.
as a matter of fact I just posted one on here the other day and it was stress related.
I’em growing 5 OG Krush all seedlings right now…but now i’ll have to keep an extra eye out just in case.
So what are you up to now ?


This time around in the best little grow room not in Texas… Jk sorry. I have 4 very super silver Hase doing wonderful and really filling out!!! One Green Crack, and I am not a big fan of this strain that I got? It’s not the dense one I am use to. A bunch of flower balls bunched together but not as dense as I had wished. But still looks like fire. I also have just one og and that’s my go to medication!! It will stop nausea in its tracks!! Then it’s give me an appetite!! That way I don’t have to go to the ER like I did 16 times in 2013!! I just really wish that I could help my OG bulk up a bit more. Or am I just being newbie, overly concerned or by week 6 should the be “thick”? I am using the lucas formulae with GH micro and bloom. But I want to try bloom max I think I am wrong. It’s the dry nutrients but GH. I hear it’s 7grams per gal and that’s it. Of course I have several other things to Pop in at different times. But I love the kiss method!!! I actually enjoy this. I just wish that my Fibromyalgia would allow me to do even more but it holds me back from a good bit.

I grew my OG Kush with Lucas formula/method, but I used GH FloraNovaBloom, not the dry GH stuff. Before ILGM came out with the MJ Booster, it was the only liquid “organic” that worked well with most types of hydro.

I didn’t have any problems with my OG Kush bulking up and filling in. I did have a couple hermie on me though, but it was due to a really high pH in my soil, I don’t normally grow in soil, but my hydro setup is for one large plant, not a bunch of small plants. And I pulled them before they popped, they even still smoked pretty good, for being harvested so early.

Oh, yeah…How’s the lights? If your light isn’t intense enough, some strains are more sensitive than others about not really filling in really dense and thick.

I got 5 OG @ seedling stage right now plus 5 Northern Light and 5 Super Skunk.
The OG i’em giving to a very special friend she is very sick and the OG will help her nausea. She’s mad @ me for running out of WW it really helped her a lot.
But this time I won’t run out she will be a happy person again. The WW helped her pain and the Rick Simpson oil I made her.
I know nothing about the nutrients you are useing so can’t help there.


Can I just say how AWSOME this is at how many have replied and trying to help me out!!! I am so freaking impressed I want to say thank you to each and everyone that is helping and I am sure there are more to come so thank you to them also.

Ok I will double check my lux meter but right at 55k. Per top cola. On the other side of the light is a super silver Hase and it’s about 6" taller, then in the middle you have a ity bity Green Crack. About the same hight at the OG. Getting the same light as the OG and the GC is bulking up. I am also running terminator very light, I ran out and chu Ching?sp? (Btw guys my spelling is tedrrible!! But my math is right on) the chi Ching is running at 1/8 tsp per gallon I think is the way it’s measured out? And that’s 1/2 of what they say. Then I have the ppm, I was running 750 and now 860 ish? And I have always run 5.8ph.

What’s in the water? Ok my water is at h50ppm coming out of my water filter and I like this because it’s always been just enough Mg, so then I add my armor and by the way if someone sees something wrong including the order. So after armor, sm-90, then my additives and this time was chi Ching and a little terpminator then I add my micro and bloom. I use a 1:2 ratio and get my ppm to what ever I want. And I don’t like running at 1000ppm. I like 800ish. Then after all of that I ph it to 5.8. Then I add z7 and I have fallen in love with that product!!! Anyone else? I would like to try the WW!!!

If you have pain that’s the ticket. WW is some kick ass stuff and if you buy from Robert he’ll give you free seeds and believe me he gives them out.
Check out my plants under clones they are all WW

be Safe

Is there an area that I can document my entire grow? Like a place that I can post my pics?

Right where you are my friend… I’ll be updating my clones this Sunday.
Hope you check them out


Is it safer to buy 10 seeds or 5. And what is the ppm rd or td s levels in seedling,veg and flowering.