Og Kush grow Cycle

I Got Og Kush Autoflower seeds it says Flowers 8 weeks . Is that Total Grow Time or From when it Flowers

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My 4 seedlings to harvest OGK Auto 3/30 to harvest 6/22 well 3 one’s a little slower.

I have a cycle going I have been moving my Auto and Photos to the flower tent anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. The 3 gave me just under 15oz wet and trimmed, solid as heck.

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I believe that is just flower time. I could be wrong.


Flower time. They usually start flowering about 5 weeks, and then another 8 (at least). So around 13+ weeks start to finish.

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Thanks .

If that is the one in the photo, it doesn’t really look ready to me. Even in black and white…IMHO.

HMGRWN Do you have Pictures?

I watch my Tric’s and I’m still learning from my inpatient’s. But from what I have gathered from the forum I know what to watch for. and from my first grows mistakes to now things are going much better always room for improvement in my eyes.


Yes. Flowering time.

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