OG Kush from 4 year old seed -- the finish line is in sight

Pictured is one of the buds at the 3+ month mark. This plant has a few weeks or so to go. But instead of calendar time alone, the condition of the trichomes will be the deciding factor. One memory that has come back from last growing this strain 4 years ago: it smells like a skunk sipping on a grape soda. Excellent aroma!


Nice and healthy… and yes definatley go by trics… start checking one pistils orange and receed usually about a week from that point :sunglasses::v:


I picked these seeds up and was wondering how the difficulty level was indoors. I started just 2 as a test and they both popped, which is awesome


I wouldn’t say OG Kush is a difficult plant to grow. I would say the yield is not as great as other strains (ILGM’s White Widow was a BIG producer for me). That said, I really appreciate OG Kush from the effects it imparts to the flavors it delivers. First class cannabis in my opinion. Oh, and welcome to the forum A420Puffer :grinning:


I’m wanting to grow OG Kush next. I’ve also heard it’s a difficult grow, and really prefers hydro setups. But I Am going to try a promix living soil recipe.