OG Kush flower two weeks old today

My first grow, OG KUSH she as now been in flower two weeks today, I’m happy with the way she’s growing. As it’s my first grow I wondered if she is doing ok for her age? Would appreciate any feedback


She looks a little small, but she looks good.

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Yes I think the reason she is small is during the early part of the veg stage I was having issues with the environment in the grow room it took me two weeks to finally get it more stable. (This is my first grow) she didn’t grow much during that time but done a lot of reading and got the conditions to decent levels, in the veg room now are two week old seedling MK ultra and LA confidential and they have done a lot better compared to what the Kush was like at 2 weeks


Looks good, nice work!

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@Kentishlion those look a lot better than mine and mine are 3 days older. great job! what light u use for seedlings?

I’ll be interested in watching the MK Ultra I have on e of those in my future.

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I started them off with two 125W CFL blue spectrum bulbs and just change those now with two 200W blue spectrum bulbs, plan is first sign of flower put them in flower grow room under 600W hps lighting

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in the orange pics she looks over-watered,
droopy leaves, misshaped leaf margins, swollen leaf tissue between the veins…
probably suffering from ‘wet feet’.!!

can u post a pic under normal ‘white’ light.?

Hi slow old guy

First two pics are the OG KUSH and the darker green leaf is choco bud.

Thanks for the feed back it is all appreciated, if she does have wet feet what shall I do to rectify it? At present I’m watering every other day.

Here is a few pics of my veg room some MK Ultra, LA Confidential and LSD, the LSD are a lot smaller than the other two strains is that just the genetics? There are wet as they have just been watered. I water these every 3-4 days

Are you watering on your schedule or theirs? This was a mistake I made early in my grow. I was watering on my schedule. Water when they need it meaning droopy leaves or light pots.



I’m watering every other day and every forth watering is filtered water only

Are you saying only water when leaves droop?


Water when the soil is dry. There are two popular methods for checking this:

  1. Stick your finger in the soil, up to the second knuckle (about 2 inches down). If the soil is moist, it’s not ready yet.
  2. Lift the pot when its dry and get an idea of the weight. Do the same thing just after watering to see how much it weighs then. Check your pot x days after watering and you should be able to tell when it has become so light that it is ready for more water.
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As pots dry and plants dry the leaves will start to droop also. @TommyBahama has stated what I wanted to better than I did.

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Thanks a lot fella

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use the flood to drought watering method like Tommy and Bubble said.!

saturate the pots until u get run-off,
let them get almost completely dry then saturate again,

a moisture meter is a good tool to have,
test at the bottom of the pots where the roots grow,
when the meter reads down in the ‘moist’ area or just into ‘dry’ readings its time to water.!

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Thank you
I’ll get there in the end

Cheers I’ll give it a go

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Hi @SlowOldGuy @TommyBahama @Bubblehead

I waited for the pots to become light and I’ve just drowned them until running out bottom of pot. I tested the runoff PH IIs 5.9 and the PPM IS 1375 that seems very high or is that about right?

@Kentishlion if you have the PPM going in, we could give a better answer.

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I do struggle with the ppm going in I was told ppm going in should be between 600 to 900 but when I follow the nutrients guild lines so many ml per litre and it’s only around 228 ppm and to be honest it worries to add any more so I don’t, I also use filter water with a ppm of under 20