OG Kush auto heat stress

My two babies got nailed by the heat yesterday in SoCal. I got home and a bunch of the bottom leaves had crisped up. I watered them and they immediately bounced back, but today I’m a little concerned with them…will they survive?? This is my second grow and the first time I’ve run into this…all input is appreciated! Thanks

Dude yeah that sucks
They should be fine and will pull threw
in extreme heat watering extra helps and is normally needed
I will also shade my plants during mid day when heat is at its hightest during heat waves or extreme temps which you have in So Cal
I use 50 % sun screen over my plants mid day when needed
I will give the full sun in the am and in afternoon
You can get a screen on Amazon for a decent price

Something like this one

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Looks like you could use a little cal mag too.

Horticulture cloth is a good idea if you are outside in SoCal: those little white butterflies you see will wreck your crop. The screen will also attenuate some of the heat.

I live on the Central Coast so the heat isn’t as bad as the Valley. @Big123 might have some advice for you.

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@Mrsimonon agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 Any kind of partial shading mid day can help greatly. I would water :sweat_drops: in the morning, during heat above 100, everyday, soil amended with mycorrhizae and kelp/seaweed helps plant tolerate heat stress. I like larger containers as larger root system helps plant deal with the heat as well.

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Thanks so much for your replies guys. Unfortunately, she didn’t pull through. I woke up the next morning and all the leaves were completely crisped up. That day’s heat was insane. Think my other one is going to make it, though she’s definitely suffered…Live and learn.

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Moment of silence for the fallen lady… :rose: she will be missd

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One did indeed perish in the overwhelming heat. However, the other prevailed and is just about to be chopped. She’s a trooper.


Looks great! Congrats!