OG K First Grow

Howdy Folks. This is my first grow and I feel good about it. It is starting week 5. My twins are are short and stout ( like the tea pot). I’ve been doing 2 → 4 ml of Floranova Grow for their feedings for the last 2 weeks. They’re in Fox OF. 2 days ago I experiment with Fimming and have produced some interesting leaves. The twins handled that well. I started a little bending yesterday. Only one small bend to get some light to the area under the gigantic fan leaves.

Any suggestions? Appreciate you all! Happy Spring Break! ( For the Teachers NOT the Kids!)


Oops first pic was a mistake!

@MrE…………………. I was curious as to what that pic was about. Funny!
Welcome to the ILGM grow forum!

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