Off with some fan leaves?

So should I remove the lower fans leaves that don’t receive much light? Like the first couple of sets? I’m using a scrog net about 10” above the pots and it is getting so dense it’s all crowded in the net… all the fan leaves from the shoots are all over each other. I’m at 6 weeks of true veg after 3 week seedlings. Does clipping a bottom shoot for a clone set flowering back a month? So would cleaning up under the net, right?

I do not use a scrog, I more or less just do some topping and low-stress training techniques so please wait for somebody with better knowledge of that technique to come along an answer soon. Thank you.
From what I understand you can clean up fan leaves and little bud sites that will not receive much light below the canopy. I believe you can do that until one week into your 12 /12 flowering. Commonly known also as week 1 of stretch phase. I don’t know if you want to remove much after the first week of 12/12 light cycle. Doing any topping or removing of branches will cause some stress but from my experience it usually takes only a week or so for the plant to fully recover. You won’t need to wait a full month I don’t believe. Around that time you can also take off some of the lower branches for clones if you would like.
I’d also like to take a second to say welcome to the website/forum! It’s a great Community with a lot of knowledgeable, kind, and understanding members. Remember to ask any question you have and sooner or later somebody will answer. Have a nice holiday and a nice morning.

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Well here is mine right as I switched


I removed a ton of the fal leaves to make room for new bud sites and took off the bottem ones that I knew weren’t going to make it

This is a pic from yesterday 1 week 2 days into flowering


Here is where I kinda went by and it really seemed to work out great my plants took 3 days to recover after my defoliation.

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Holy crap! Mine are way more congested. Yours is what I had imagined but mine is like a sidewalk in New York.

Thanks! Happy holidays to you as well!

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