Off grid cabin hand tools only. Badass


eNJOY THE VIDEO. OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooops Sorry about the “caps”. gotta go LOL


Lot of work there indeed. Kind of the “Mother Earth news” types lol… Hell made me tired just watching that. Cool though :sunglasses:


This has become a lost art due to the efficiency of modern day power tools. If World War III breaks out and the power grid is lost, these are the type of people I’m surrounding myself with.

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Mother Eatyh news; “Old school”. The point is the technique. The technique shows us how to take some trees, tree limbs and use them as a structure.

Best part was the carbonization of the ends of the vertical poles. Really cool.


Friend I work with bought property butts up against the manistee national forest,no electric, a cool designed outhouse, tiny wood cabin he built himself (small) pounded in his own pump well 2”(hand pump)… Lots of cool things one can do… Stock up on ammo if you can even find it… :grimacing:

Yep… I am old school I get it usda guy… I have every tool shown in that video and then some. At My age I’ll uses a chainsaw lol… Live close to Amish country very neat things can be made by hand…Damn near a lost art but not totally dead… Wish you luck on your fish shed…

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1st of all, I think we; And, I am not alone as many know; are already in WW3 (Cyberwar). The concept of WW4 is as I see it; “When the lights go out”.

Now in accordance with ILGM forum policy, we do not make this about politics. It is about taking wood off your land, Cutting, drilling and learning how to survive if you hade to.

Thanks you all. Feel free to add dieas and natural off grid remedies.

Happy life, lw


crap I just bought a new light an now it’s going out!


I stopped about 8 minutes in and went looking for black Friday deals on Milwaukee m18 batteries.

That being said, I was a little disappointed with the fireplace. The other guy puts swimming pools in his mud house using only a stick.

I thought the evolution of battery storage was supposed to bring the cost of those suckers down.

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@dbrn32 I actually watched that pool build. Lol but that guy definitely wasn’t digging in Rocky red clay like I got every inch is a struggle with power tools.

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No kidding! This is right time of year to buy them though.

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Exactly. I too will use chainsaws and other modern tools, but it will be nice to know these techniques with hand tools if/when the lights go out.

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I saw a video like that. The built an mud house and then dug a moat around it with a bridge and went to swimming laps. LOL

Yes indeed! The times you are speaking of dont forget weapons and ammo because always someone out there wants what you have… :grimacing:

Just like in the movies. If you grow food and propsper; Some will try to take it from you.

The order of life. How wonderful…LOL

Indeed as hazyalldazy says” very uplifting” :rofl:

Whhat is cool is that I have a couple acres 50% wooded wiht pine, and a oregon chainsaw mill. These techniques can save a lot of $$$, IMO :slight_smile:

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Long ago I wished for about 5 acres and an off grid cabin in Alaska. Cancer cut that dream down when I was 20. I would very much like to do some version of that with an off grid cabin in the middle of nowhere. I just am not able to do a whole lot of the physical stuff because I think God doesn’t want a man on 300mg of morphine a day to do a whole lot of chopping down trees with an axe. All of that is a lost art, and I hope that everybody won’t have to go back to that way of living, but I hope people carry on those traditions and teach their children to do it. Thanks for posting that lakewood. You are correct in saying you can save a LOT of money milling your own wood with a chainsaw mill. For some, that’s all they can do. They don’t have a big box home improvement store in nowhereville, USA.

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Thanks for the reply. I am fortunate to be in a National Forest Swamp. I have neighbors, but the biggest thing is I have a good well and septic tanks. If the lights go out, I can sustain with wind and solar.

Will “Garrigan” and I had a gas powered portable bandsaw that could cut up tp 48" logs. With his passing and us not having anyhting on paper, it looks like I may never be able to bring it home.

I was just impressed with these guys and their project. Awesome. :slight_smile: Peace