Of mites and men



I have problems and need some expert advice. I guess I will fill out a ticket and see where I get. Thanks in advance for any advice, pointers, prayers, etc!!

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA Bag seed, some kinda Mexican according to the friend who gave it to me
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? SOIL FFOF
System type?
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.4 - 6.5
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. Not Available
Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR
Light system, size? Started under T5, moved to 600 watt HPS, then moved to 2-900 watt Meizhi LEDs
Temps; Day, Night DAY: 80 F, NIGHT: 70-72 F
Humidity; Day, 38 % Day, 40 NIGHT
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size YES, 4 inch inline fan 302 CFM, fan blowing into the passive intake vent, and 2-6" fans and a 10" oscillating fan in a 4 ft by 4 ft by 79 inch grow tent
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, Basement and there is a dehumidifier that keeps the basement steady around 35 %
Co2; NO

Planted 31 May
There are 2 of these, nearly identical in size, both fimmed but not sure it totally took, new at this
Put into flower by changing lights to 12/12 on 8/14 ( she was showing signs of preflower anyway)
The leaves on these plants have always been deep green and with huge fan leaves bigger than my hand by a lot, they have always drooped and at times off and on have looked kind of claw-like, heavy indica looking leaves.

Her leaves are clawing up, the edges turning a weird shade of yellowing orange, and dying, drying up lots and lots.
A week ago one of her tent mates was attacked by spider mites, sudden and ferocious, I call it a FLASH INFESTATION. She has been treated with DE a couple of times throughout her growth cycle and then last Monday everyone had to be taken outside and gently flushed buds with water, drenched all plants in Azamax, brought them back inside. Dried them upstairs in a gentle breeze and then returned to their tent. I only saw 1 spider mite this entire week and he was almost dead. Yesterday morning she started looking this way but not quite so bad, watering was due and she took 1.5 gallons of water pH’d to 6.59 after adding cal/mag, Tiger Bloom, and TopMax nutes. RunOff pH was 6.52. Her sister has a few of these leaves at the bottom, but her colas are definitely more well formed, in addition, she is getting some upper leaf yellowing. No where near ready to harvest with all tricomes being clear, I did notice a teeny amount of amber on some leaves. So let’s deal with this girl first as she is the most emergent. HELP if you can please


To me in my opinion clawing up tutming yellow and orange sounds like you have a severe nitrogen toxicity going on and a sever toxic build up through your medium to correct you’ll need nothing but ph water at 6.8


That is what I was thinking too @Majiktoker and was thinking I had not given her any N in a couple of feeds but then remembered that I think, will have to check, that the BioBizz TopMax is like 10-1-10, my bad . Should I flush her out? The leaves on this plant and her sister have always been kind of claw-like since about their 3rd set of leaves but they weren’t falling off and causing issues


I would flush her out before she kills herself off


@FreakyDeekie now, I just want to say I’m no where as experienced as majiktoker but it does look like N toxicity to me. The clawed leaves is the most definite sign of that. Being my first grow, I did the opposite of you and deprived them of nitrogen. That looks like yellowing dying fan leaves… With lots of water over time, you can save her I believe in you!
To next grow having no issues… cheers.


I’m glad you had some answers on this. N toxicity was all new information for me. Keeping my fingers crossed she will flush out for you.


I am going to flush them tonight. I hate doing that since I just watered them yesterday but one of them can’t take much more. Thanks for the input!! :green_heart::seedling:


@FreakyDeekie I don’t mean to hijack your thread, but just wanted to share the appearance of lack of nitrogen. After a help/support ticket we’ve figured it out. @Tr33 was also part of that support team I believe.
I’m in flowering, and just the fan leaves were yellowing and dying. The bud sites still had plenty of leaves though. But after being asked about the feed schedule, I didn’t give them everything they needed. I was only giving three fox farms cha Ching, no big bloom or tiger bloom. (I’ve since added those to the schedule now) First grow screw ups!


Girl Scout cookies


No hijack at all @Covertgrower Yeah mine really looks nothing like that to be sure. I guess I am going to go flush them, just watered yesterday :anguished: and hope for the best. Not sure how long it will take to get them dry enough to water again after flushing and get the nutes back on schedule


They will bounce back follow the advise I gave you how long it takes them to dry depends on environment ie; temperature and humidity. @FreakyDeekie

As for you @Covertgrower the way your leaves are folding down they look semi bloated that’s a sign of slight over watering once she dries up she will fix that and leaves will be flat


I flushed her with 15 gallons of pH 6.5 water @Majiktoker. I am going to hold off on the other one, which just started doing this on a couple of leaves this morning, until tomorrow night and will then do it. Put a fan on the tent floor to oscillate and help dry that pot out some. Thank you :heart:


My pleasure if you need any more help feel free to ask ill be happy to help :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I ran out of pH down and no way to get any until Monday. Need to flush the other plant. Can I use vinegar to pH down the water for the flush?


Becareful if you do vinegar is extremely acidic and I wouldn’t advise it