Of all the edibles I have made...TOOTSIE ROLLS are the best

I have made everything from cookies to brownies, my own gummies, used butter in cooking so may recipes but I LOVE MY TOOTSIE ROLLS

3.5 grams of extract ( 1.5 oz + alcohol stripper and let evaporate) and melt 50 midget tootsie rolls in a double boiler… thin the extract out with a 1/2 shot of everclear… stir into the tootsie goo and mix well

Pour into glass casserole dish let cool and roll your new tootsies from it… I make em 6gr each like they come and put em back in the wrappers ( marked with a green dot for child safety) and they come out delish and strong enough for me…

happy rolling… oh and don’t lick the spoon…that was an experience


iloli love tootsie rolls. What alcohol stripper do u use.

everclear 190

a lot of people put it on the stove to evaporate faster… but since alcohol fumes and gas stoves don’t play well together I just leave it on the counter with a low fan to help it along…

@MrRay you are losing me when you describe the extract. Do you use 1.5 ounces of flower in everclear and let it evaporate? When do you know when it’s ready to use?

im gonna list every step… i assumed you knew how to extract…

I just took some info from around the web and made this whole process myself so if I am doing something technically wrong “be kind”…this does work…and its not that hard…any expert advice is always welcome

1.5 oz of weed…( i use trimmings and buds …or anything i have avail)

I divide wrap it into like 4 aluminum foil pouches and put them in the oven to decarb it.
(the foil keeps the smell down during this process)
there are posts in the forum to explain the different ways to decarb…as well as the the temp and time for that process… (I don’t remember the specifics)

(later this week I am trying a new method that will include a mason jar and my airfryer… i am optimistic this will be even less smelly)

Once it is all decarbed and the THC has been activated…take it out of the foil &
put it all in a mason jar that can accommodate that quantity

I pour in enough everclear to cover the herb and shake vigorously for about 4 minutes this strips all the good stuff off the material

take the contents and strain it and get as much liquid out of it…
( I usually take the organic matter and do the whole pour and shake again with some fresh everclear just to be sure I got all the good stuff I can get out) I can get

then pour the liquid and all the magic in in a glass casserole dish (square is my preference you’ll see why)
some people put the liquid over a heat source and simmer out the alcohol but like I said earlier i have a gas stove and don’t wanna risk the alcohol fumes catching fire… the fumes are heavier than air and settle so be careful that your dog or cat isn’t getting asphyxiated…once i set of the Carbon monoxide alarm with the alcohol fumes

I just let the alcohol evaporate with a small fan over it to help move the air around…it takes a few days but I always have enough already made to keep me good while I wait
when most of the the alcohol evaporates you will have a dish coated with a green sticky goo… that’s the extract
usually out of 1.5 ozs… I get between 4 and 6 grams of goo

I scrap it all out of the dish with a razor blade or a scraper that uses a single edge razor and put it into a shot glass and add enough everclear to loosen it up and make it pourable… the square dish is easier to me because the blade fits the square shape better than a curved dish

NOW… I take a small bag of tootsie rolls ( about 50) and unwrap them (save the wrappers)
put them in a double boiler on top of the stove and heat them till they melt …

take your diluted goo and add it to the tootsie and mix well quickly… the alcohol will evaporate fast and you want an evenly mix everything together…

I usually pour the toosie goodness into a clean square casserole dish and let it cool on the counter

after a while I cut it into strips with my handy dandy pizza cutter… roll out the toosie shape and cut into 6gr pcs…thats the weight of a virgin toosie and then it fits back in the wrapper

I am no chemist but i have estimated each tootsie to be about 45-70 mil each in one particulr batch depending on the quality of the herb and the about of extract you end up with. I would like if anyone can figure it more accurately lemmie know how as I am curious

Hope this helps… If i’m doing something wrong or if anyone else has tips on doing it better lemmie know that too…



I am no chemist but i believe if I get say 4g of concentrate that would be like 4000mg divided into 50 tootsies should be 80mg each and then figure loss and potency of the material used …conservatively I would GUESS about 50mg each? If i have no idea what i am talking about with dose probability please be nice and explain it to me… what I DO KNOW is I get wacked on these and that is the plan…

Hope this helps… If i’m doing something wrong or if anyone else has tips on doing it better lemmie know that too…

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I was gonna say … reason being there probably better because you are making this mixture with alot less heat then say baking cookies of brownie or any other recipe that calls for exposed heat… heat degrades thx for sure

That’s awesome onfo…gonna have to try it sometime!!!

Heres my recipe for Rib-Eye-Edibles…I just decarb my cannabis,grind into a powder and eat.I wash it down with plenty of cool spring water…oh yeah…almost forgot…then I eat a steak…:>)


I just found this post and I CANNOT WAIT to try this out with my first grow!!!

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