Odor, needing advice to keep grow super stealth

Hello. Growing 2 northern lights (feminized). They’ll be due to chop around the same week of a family member’s birthday (which I’m hosting). I currently have my grow in dwc buckets, in a grow tent, 440 cc fan attached to an in-tent, in-line carbon filter (6”x 16” in a 2x4 tent). The odor is controlled enough that there is zero smell in the portion of my home where the guests would be.

Being my first grow ever, my worry is that once this plant gets into late flowering that it will reek to high heaven. That would be a disaster and simply is not an option.

My question: if I continue to maintain my current set up, would you anticipate any issues come the late flowering/harvesting period as it will overlap with the party I am to host.

Environmentally, we are non smokers, no pets, house has a very clean, neutral smell currently. I cannot do artificial air sanitizers as I’m allergic. How reliable are these carbon filters? Should I expect it to fail to keep the odor completely in check?



I cant smell mine unless I’m in there with them carbon should scrub the air


Same here mine has to be open. But I’m only nearing 4 weeks into flower so. I use a 6in cloudline with a filter that’s way too big.lol

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It should until it dont then get new one but if its newer filter should be ok I also have family at my house sometime but my teenage kids dont know it or ever said there a weird smell my mother in law walks past it often and if she smelled she would deffinitly say something and I’d say my filter is 6 months old still going good


Same here @Cyle1


Thank you

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You should be good man. I’m paranoid myself even opening the zipper ok my tent.

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I’d pay good money for a silent tent. I’m sure @Cyle1 would buy one.

The carbon filters do an amazing job, if the tent is kept closed, and the exhaust fan is constantly running.
I can’t smell grass even up until the last day of flowering.

I’m not sure what timeline you’re using to decide harvest. I find most plants never finish before 8 weeks and most are 9-11 weeks.


Nice yeah you should be good brother.


I have a very quiet closet that exhaust out of house


@Cyle1 lucky you bro.

Would not be a bad idea to go ahead and buy you another carbon filter they don’t cost that much and have it on hand change out week before party. I usually change mine out halfway through flowering stage because that’s when the odor gets a little loud and I’m the same way I got to keep it under control. That way you know you got a brand new filter and you can feel a lot more confident in it. Good luck

I spent a good deal of time getting it like that