Odor masking in residential areas

I live in a residential area with a small garden outdoors , I have been using ona gel around the grow to help mask the odor, I was wondering if incense my help as well or if there is anything I can do to help with odor control?

Are they in buckets? Its just hard to grow a strain that is loud in your back yard with houses all around. So if u can’t move them, then its just hard to control the wind. U may get away with 1 or 2 plants, maybe. The next time grow something that ant too loud. Sorry i can’t help u, but someone may know something i don’t.

Maybe grow a bunch of oregano and sage or other powerful smelling plant to try and overwhelm and mask the odors you don’t want noticed.

Maybe you could use some blood and bone fertiliser spread it around your garden that will mask the smell as it stinks, that stuff could mask the smell of a rotting corpse!!

Happy growing, Brendan.

I’m being told from my outdoor buddy that basil might be the best, rosemary and marigolds are really good as well. And having all these smells mixed will really confuse things if somebody does get a whiff.

Brendan said something about blood meal. U can use that in the flowering. I used it once and i got magots in my soil. I heard that magots help loose up soil. But far as smell, I’m not sure about it being a oder blocker. But like u said if u add enough stuff it mite do something.

Lol, might do something, obviously it’s not the same as what I buy from my local home depot because you can smell it for 2 blocks! As I said you could mask the smell of a rotting corpse, I use it on my veggies all the time, people always used to complain but I guess they got used to it or they got sick of complaining because I never stopped using it and haven’t had a complaint for a few months lol

Ok becouse i was talking about the fertilizer- feed. BONE MEAL and BLOOD MEAL. The blood meal is very small like pellets and of course red but don’t realy smell that much at all.

Might be best to go with the heavily scented plants. As a warning; I must say. Do not show all these plants and make people interested enough to coming knocking around. Grow thema all in a low profile, and keep it to yourself

Last year I had only one Medijuana plan, and you could really smell it by this time. It was a very strong odor, and I was nervous all the way up to harvest time.
This year I have FOUR (had eight, but half turned male and had to yank them), and I can hardly detect any aroma. Could this be any indication that the potency is not as good this year for some reason?
Also: The flowering process began the week of August 18th. One plant is a HUGE MONSTER PLANT, and it’s much further along in the flowering process too. Much bigger buds. The others are not growing as fast, buds are delayed compared to the big one in front. So I will likely need to harvest in stages.
If flowering began the week of AUG 18, how much longer before it should be harvest time? Michigan weather has turned unseasonably cold, especially during the past week, dipping down to 50s at night. Hope this isn’t a problem.