Odor control issues every grow

Growing indoor and have odor issues once i. Flower. Gets intense towards end. Already have 4" exhaust a carbon filter, i think its just too small. I was going to add a 6" fan and filter but thaks to covid im unemployed and broke AF.
Anyone got some low cost ideas i can try? Home made filter etc…

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Well not homemade, that I’ve made, but an idea. Do you know what a sploof is? It’s when you put dryer sheets in a tp tube and one over each end with a rubber band. You exhale thru it and weed smells like dryer sheets.

You could make one from this and attach it to the end of you exhaust hose.

If you can’t do that and your semi good at diy I bet you could make one from a Folgers coffee can. Cut a 4" hole in bottom to fit your exhaust hose in and duct tape it I guess lol and drill a billion holes in the tub and lid and put half full of dryer sheets and see how it helps and add more a few at a time until it masks the smell. The one thing to consider is the strain that puts on your exhaust fan. When you put that on the end it’s going to back up the flow like a banana in the tailpipe. So you can’t stuff so many in there it won’t blow out the holes. If dryer sheets alone doesn’t work you could make a pouch from dryer sheets and put carbon in it. If you tell me the cfm of your exhaust fan I can tell you how many and what size holes you need for adequate exhaust


A couple of things come to mind…
How old is your carbon filter? Perhaps the carbon needs replacing.
Does your tent have negative pressure? If you have positive pressure, you may be pushing unfiltered air past the seams and zippers on your tent.
Some strains put out less aroma when the temperature is warmer. Depending on your current temperature you might try raising it some.


If the smell is getting past your filter then there’s a problem there and with no money to upgrade then your next step is to mask the smell. Cheapest option I have used is those scented oils, the ones that go on the candle burners. I soak my old car air fresheners with a little of that and hang in front of my exhaust fan. I have also used floor disinfectant on a household duster. Cheap plastic air fresheners that you peel the label off that have the smelly jelly inside. One of those on a radiator. Pouring a little scented oil inside your exhaust ducting works as well. These oils are really strong so you only need a little and they’re not expensive

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You probably just need a bigger/better filter. But you can double check that your flange is sealed well. If there’s a leak between fan and filter it will allow untreated air through.

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Im going to build one. Done some research and pretty sure i can do it.

Passes blunt… “hold my beer.”

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Keep us updated. Did you find schematic or a diy video?

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Maybe slow the air flow giving the carbon more time to work. I run an 8" carbon filter on my 6" fan.


Thats the concept im going with. Increase surface area maintain airflow

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I have 2 AC infinity fans 6" and 4", the 4" has a 6" filter and the 6" has an 8". Even my drying tent has a small 6"

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