Odor / Carbon Filter Questions

Hello all,

I have a 4x4x7 tent with a 6" exhaust fan and YieldLab carbon filter. I have one plant that’s ~20 days into veg and I believe I have an odor problem (not me personally…). My wife thinks so anyways. I should mention that she can smell a gnats a$$ at 100 yards! My grow room is sealed off from the rest of the house except for the air exchanged by a window A/C unit, it’s approx 9x13’. We think the odor is getting pushed outside by the A/C and reentering the adjoining room that has a window open. Either way, I’d like to reduce the odor in the grow room

Are all carbon filters created equally? Is it time to replace the filter already? I thought I’d at least get one full grow from it. Can anyone recommend a proven odor filter to me?

Here’s a diagram of my fan/filter setup:


I have a couple i power filters almostva year old no smells even at the end of flower ?
What type of filter do you have @HappyCamper?
And no not all filters are the same
If you can tell me brand of filter you have I will love ok at it and see if we can determine wassup here lol
Peace :v:️:cowboy_hat_face: CB


It’s a Yield Lab Filter. That’s an Amazon link. I not sure the manufacturer has a page. I couldn’t find it.

Wow thats weird. 4 reviews, 2 in 2015 and two in 2017.

This is the one I bought. It has a reversible flange so you can extend the life of it. I have had it in use since about February of this year and no odor. There is a good pic further down on the page.

I will tell you that if I unzip the tent door down an inch, my wife can smell the MJ…

Buy a couple of these first and see if this doesn’t help.


as long as your filter came in a sealed bag, it should be good at least a year. ive run one for 3 yrs before.

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@oldpro - It did come in a sealed bag. I recall sliding it off and catching some loose charcoal in it. It’s < 3 months old, that’s what makes me wonder… And it’s not in a large space where there are a lot of particles to clog it.

Hey @bob31,

That’s an unusual look for a filter/fan, for me anyway :slight_smile:. I wish my filter had a reversible flange so I could flip it around.

I did see a video a while back where it showed that when the air is being sucked from the filter, most of the air is going through the portion of the filter nearest the fan. The video further showed that you can wrap the ‘used’ portion of the filter in clear wrap (for example) to force the air to come through the other portion of the filter. Maybe I’ll try this for a few days and see if it makes a difference.

Oh, and I did buy the odor eliminators you posted above. For $9 I’m willing to try most anything… :smile:.

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It “might” just be that your wife is a “little” sensitive to the “smell”. I’m not pointing fingers or anything lol. Mine is and YMMV… Worth a shot! Gotta keep the Mrs HappyCamper happy too!


Keep in mind the pressure of your grow tent. For example, my tent I personally keep it 0.5psi pressurized. I have a fan and filter for air in and air out as well. The reason for the positive pressure is for the increased realestate inside. Now knowing this I have to make sure the tent is 100% sealed with no leaks. If you would change this and have a negative tent pressure the odor will be even less likely to escape vacuum. The obvious downside is the loose of space inside from the suction. Hope this could help

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If the humidity is high they don’t work as well. Or a positive pressure situation as already stated. First places I’d look.

Not all filters are created equal either. Different processing or base media can change effectiveness. As well as amount of carbon used, how tightly it’s packed, and how thick of layer there is.

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Even with an inlet fan I run with negative pressure in the tent. Humidity was in the 40s for a long time and is now in the low to mid 50s.

I’ll mask off half the filter, the half that’s been doing the filtering, and will see if that makes a difference.

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That should be plenty good. Assuming you’re going to tape off a portion closest to the fan? Please let me know how that goes.

Hi @dbrn32, I covered the 1/2 of the filter closest to the fan for a few days, but no noticeable difference. The wive thought she could smell the order more strongly. She may have been imagining it, or it could be because of reduced air flow through the filter.

Either way, the odor is still present. I think I’ll buy another carbon filter and see if it helps.

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I replaced my YeildLab with a VivoSun unit. In a week or so I’ll post my findings.

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It’s hard to say. People seem to be all over the place with different filters. Some love a particular model, others will say it’s junk.

I have used can and phresh. Both seem to work fine, but there are probably cheaper ones that work too.

One think I try to do is make sure my filter is rated at or slightly above the rated cfm of my fan. They seem to work better and last longer that way for me. Not sure why, as my fans never see 100% perhaps that’s why. But I tried using a small phresh filter with larger fan, and it wasn’t very effective.

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@oldpro, @bob31, @dbrn32, @CooperinKredible, @Countryboyjvd1971

I thought I’d post this follow up report. I received and installed the VivoSun filter yesterday. It was better packaged and cleaner (wasn’t leaking carbon/charcol particles) then the YieldLab filter. I let it run for 4 hours and ALL odors were gone! I thought the old filter was doing an ‘okay’ job, my wife didn’t think so. With this new filter I’m amazed at how free of odor the air is. So glad I replaced it.


Woohoo @HappyCamper
Glad you got that sorted out

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I have a question on the carbon filters. Can you clean the sock that fits over the filter or will it affect how it performs?

You can wash it by hand or in washing machine.


Glad to hear @HappyCamper that is the filter I use and it is very effective!

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