Oderless drying setup - need advice!

Odor control during drying is going to be important to me. Just like preventing odor in the grow tent, I need to come up with a low/no odor system to dry my harvest from Outdoors and other tents. I definitely don’t want to use Ona directly in a drying box or tent. Are my options basically to use a wardrobe box or a grow tent and hook up a 4” fan and charcoal filter to exhaust it? Is a small grow tent going to be better than a cardbosrd box in this scenario?

Would it be ok to use Ona in the outer room or will the fact that it would be drawn through the drying room be bad for the flavor of the finished bud?

If you can suggest a better setup, please do!!

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I’ve never used ona, but if it’s in the area your intake will come from it will certainly go through your drying space.

A tent with carbon filter on exhaust is the easy way to do it. You could certainly rig something up too. One of these days I want to try converting a thermo electric wine cooler to a drying box. My project list is just a little too long right now.


Haha the mini fridge i converted for a clone box actually makes a stellar drying rack however i couldnt odor proof it so im running a carbon filter and fan to exhaust the room


I forget who but someone just told me to take a little bit of ona gel and put it infront of a fan in my garage where my room exhausts to and said it would keep it from smelling like a skunk farm so im thinking about trying it i will let you know how it works

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Seen similar setup with bucket of moisture beads and bottle of febreeze dumped in it. Provided exhaust is not where intake is coming from.


Sorry, I vent mine directly outside next to my compost bins and chicken coops, that’s how I mask my smell.

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Stealth Chicken Poop Growing…um, ok…:thinking::face_with_monocle:


Thanks y’all! I guess I’ll try out the tent and filter route. I’m installing a filter and fan in my grow tent tomorrow and I’ll get an idea about how effective it’ll be. My 4 younger plants in there are already putting out enough skunk to be detectable in the unconnected room next door. Lol. :blush: I got some, “what’s that smell” comments this weekend and had to scramble. So, I’ll get to see how effective something like that’ll be. I got a 8” Phresh filter and a 8” Hyper Fan Stealth for that 5x5 tent. Hopefully I won’t get any more of those comments. IF that’s the case, I’ll feel a lot better about doing the grow tent drying room with filter. I’ll report back. :grinning::+1:


Howd it do?

Two cardboard boxes taped one on top of the other with a dryer vent running from hole you made in side of box to an incoming vent to your grow tent. Or just buy a 24"x24"x48" tent and vent into larger tent. I have a 6" fan running a 4x8 tent with no problem pulling air out of a small tent too

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I’m in the same boat. The “guy” my brother in law set me up w to dry my weed just bailed and now I have to come up with something on the fly.

Drying inside the house is a nonstarter. There’s a possibility I can get away with a garage dry if I can limit the duration of the dry as well and more importantly, the smell. I own the professional version of Ona and am thinking that if I use large wardrobe size boxes to hang the branches, I think the drying will go just fine. I could put some ventilation holes in the sides of the boxes and keep the air moving. And I could probably keep the temp / hum about right. But I’m definitely worried about (a) using the Ona - even though it’s more of a neutralizer than an odorizer and (b) whether residual mJane smell will infiltrate the whole garage after everything is removed. Maybe I could wait until AFTER the drying process to use the Ona?

I guess I could invest in a tent and exhaust but I’m busted broke and would rather not.

Ready to kill my bil for vouching for this dude. Was will to give him 1/3 of my crop - all he had to do was hang it for a week. Arrrrrgh.

Call me…Sad in Seattle

Thats tragic my friend… absolutely tragic. Id definitely have some hanging room… :joy::joy: good luck tho

I’ve got a 2’x4’x5’ tent and fan/filter arriving on Friday. Gonna chop my first plants from my outdoor grow on Sat morning. I updated my Late Bloomer grow journal with some pix.