Odds not in my favor

I was growing white widow, AK-47, bubblegum kush, Durban poison, banana Kush and sour diesel

The image above is Sour Diesel. This girl going strong right now. She’s a champ and I have high hopes for her. I did notice a little upward curling in one leaf, but just slightly.

This image above is AK-47. She’s damn near withered away, but her root is long and strong. I’m worried about her.

This image above is bubblegum kush. R.I.P. She came out deformed. Almost broken as she appeared from the soil. Bummer.

In this image above was banana Kush. She’s passed on to a better place and, unfortunately, it wasn’t passed into my lungs. She looked like she withered into the soil. R.I.P.

The image above is Durban poison. She was looking fantastic yesterday. Here’s a picture of her yesterday:

I don’t have a picture of white widow. My dog may have eaten her. She was sprouting. R.I.P?

I had a second Durban poison that never germinated. I put her in water, again, for 24 hours. Nothing. So I put her in the soil. I’m giving her two to three more days before I request a replacement.

Here are the logistics of the grow. I use soil with an NPK of 0.5-0.5-0.5. I put 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion fertilizer in 1 liter of water with an N-P-K of 5-1-1 into the soil for each pot before putting seeds with tail from water into it. I checked the pH of water and it ranges from 6.2-7. The humidity here is 58%-72%. The grow bible says that humidity for seedlings should be 60-70%.

My conclusions:

I’m very much by the book. I spent $300 for 30 seeds, six strains. That’s not including the fertilizers, pots, soil, pH tester, ppm, EC and temperature tester, etc. I still have 23 seeds left. The genetics of these seeds seem bunk. Sour Diesel is holding up. Sour Diesel was a big seed while the others weren’t. I did receive a lot of small seeds so there’s that. I planted melons, basil, marigolds, carrots, lavender, bluebonnets and many other fruits, flowers and veggies all at the same time as the photoperiods I purchased and all are flourishing. Here is an image:

Growing weed is easy, right?

Hi Plant_pimp. Came over to see your girls after you posted that you had a similar issue and I’m so sorry that you’ve lost so many. I hope your Sour Diesel comes thru for you.

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I plan on growing another one. Maybe banana Kush, but first I’m putting all my efforts on Sour Diesel. Once she’s halfway through veg I’ll pop banana, but plan on growing her in a cup. Seeds are small so proceeding with extra caution.

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They look like they were damping off = too much water. I never use humidity domes on my seedlings. It’s super hard to overwater seedlings in big pots imho

You know, that’s what I hear from others, about can’t overwater in big pots. Yesterday some guy told me that they might need to be domed. I did that and they all died the next day. He works at ILGM. CRAZY! I didn’t dome sour diesel. Still alive. Out of six Sour is the only one.

It almost seems that I get contradictory info from ILGM mentors. It’s almost as if they didn’t read the grow bible.

I usually spray them around the 7 gallon pot and wait till the top soil is slightly dry. Then I hear from ILGM mentors that I have to stick my knuckles in to check the soil or use a ruler or stick my finger one inch deep. I mean the info is all over the place. It’s very frustrating.


This is from a website I cannot mention her :wink:

“The need to cover seeds during germination is a myth that just won’t die. Do not use humidity domes for germinating seeds; only use them when you start cuttings. In the latter case, make sure to renew the air daily and avoid excess moisture build-up”

Excess moisture from overwatering or high humidity are normally the culprits of damping-off. Check your substrate often to observe if the moisture levels are adequate. Avoid too-frequent watering and make sure that your pots or plastic cups allow for fast and easy drainage. If you use a greenhouse or grow-tent with a cover for cuttings, ensure there is a vent on top that allows for proper ventilation. If there is no vent, remove the cover regularly. Always keep in mind that warm and humid means an increased risk of fungus and damping-off.

When one seedling has already died from damping-off, chances are that your other seedlings are affected too, even if they’re still standing upright. One emergency measure you can try to stop the fungus from spreading is applying hydrogen peroxide. Sprinkle about 1ml (20 drops) of 3% strength peroxide onto the soil of each of your seedlings. The peroxide will kill the fungus. Obviously, there is no guarantee this will save your seedlings, especially if the disease has already progressed quite far. What’s most important is that you know how to prevent this occurrence from happening in the future.


Now I’m paranoid. I thought this was supposed to be easy. I’m going to take a nap. For the record, on two occasions I did put a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide 3% into a 1 liter bottle. Used it to feed plant soil on pots.I even put 20 drops of garlic and neem oil to make sure soil stays healthy. These plants have given me insomnia. They still died, except sour diesel.

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It happens to the best of us… even people with no issues getting their seedlings to start still have problems sometimes.

It’s nature… it’s, well, a weed. Try not to overthink it. A seed starting out doesn’t need much of anything. There is still moisture and nutrients in the seed and shell… enough to get them launched.

When my seedlings look iffy, I have to force myself to just say ‘live or die… it’s up to you now’ LOL

I get the seed to the point of having a tail. Soak the Jiffy starter peet pellets then squeeze out every single drop of water from the pellet. Cut a slit in the side of the pellet and open t like book and carefully place the seed with the tap root in, close it up and into a solo cup with moisture about the same as the pellet (squeeze everything out. You shouldn’t need any more water until she comes above ground. You can dome them at this point but when she breaks ground remove it and just mist around the soil,

At first, I only mist the soil around the seedling. When it develops its first set of real leaves I give them 1 Tablespoon in a circle around them but never on the stem.

No matter what the seedling looks like, try not to odiagnose it yet. Nature will correct it at this stage.

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I really appreciate your kind words as well as the help of your cohorts. There’s a saying here in the hood; Sometimes you just have to toss it to the game. In Spanish it’s, “Que sera, sera”.

I know I come off as a d**k sometimes, but, please, look past that. I’m just a little boy with a big heart trapped in an adult man’s body. Geez, now I sound like a midget with cardiac issues.

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I start mine on a wet paper towel in a sandwich bag when you see the root start to pop place it in soil or whatever root down. I get a 100% germination and 90% survival. Unfortunately on small seeds sometimes they dont have the strength to shed the husk so a little help doesent hurt.


LOL… you’re fine! The whole ‘growing from seed’ thing is nerve-racking! First the seedling stage them waiting to see if they are male or female (unless yo bought feminized seeds… then all the other issues that arise. I guess it makes us stronger LOL!

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Oh and that everyone has different opinions and what works for one doesn’t work for the other…

Every day is a learning experience. Make sure to write everything down as you go so you’ll remember what worked and what didn’t for you.


Thank you @30yeargardner and WELCOME to the community.
I start mine in a shot glass of purified water and a few drops of H202. 24 hours only, then transfer to the wet paper towel method. Once I have a tap root twice the size of the seed itself, I put in peat pellets.

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