Oddjelly first indoor grow

Ty all for the great support. I’ve been following for a month now. Quietly soaking up the great info here.
Let me say you all are some great people. Wish the whole world was like this. But maybe if everyone grew there own weed it just might be.

Ok this is my first indoor grow. So like everything on life i went all in.
I got 3 tents 3x3x6 all daisy chaned together on the exaust and inlet fans. I spent the money and got three hlg lights.
I’ve started with clones i have 2 white widow plants.
I plan on using the scrog method. I learned of this from you. Amazing what you all do.

Ok here’s my info.

White widow clones
Roots organic soil
5 gallon cloth bags
Ph in 6.5
Indoor 3x3x6
Hlg 260w omni board rspct
Temp day 83. Night 70
Humidity day 50 night 55
6 inch 440cfm exaust
4 inch inlet fresh air
Ac humidifier and. Dehumidifier
Making co2 in a bucket piping in to tent.

My girls are adjusting to the new lights. I turned it down some till they adjust.

I haven’t used any additives yet. But have cal mag and fox farm dirty dozen box.

I also started a seedling of some amazing candy land. I lucked up and found one in a bag of smoke i had.

Please guide me along as your great community does.
Any and all help will be devoured.
Hope to grow a great friendship along with some great weed.


Here’s some burning from the new lights. I was using cheap china lights. But switched last week.

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Side view

Its taking some time adjusting to the new lights. Before i could run 70 and 65 humidity day and night. But now I’m in the low 80s. I have a thermostat inside tent now to control the fans. So I’m sure I’ll get it under control.
I work 12 hr days so i can’t be there all the time.
Wish i could just sit there all day and watch because i sure would.
I plan on having a veg tent flower tent and cure tent.
Constant grow and harvest would be awesome.


Looks like a good start! Good PH meter and TDS meter plus Standard Reference Solution

I would discontinue the CO2 as it won’t help at all. You really need a sealed system and high partial pressures with a LOT of light.

Nighttime temps are a bit low but the plant can handle it.


I have a ph meter and tds. Right now ph in 6.5. I have ph up and down also. My water is Around 300 tds without adding anything.

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Ok ill stop the co2 i was so proud of that. I teed the lines off had a hose at the base of each plant.


Are lights on during the day or night?i run mine at night, to try keep the temps down

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Lights on at 11 am off at 3 am. I could change that. I guess. Maybe adjust slowly? Or just do it all at once?@tinman

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It is huge learning process. I am sure that nearly everyone has invested in what seemed like the perfect idea only to find that the $$$ could have been spent more effectively. We have all done it. You have a nice setup, just take all of the advice given by the experienced growers. Without their help, I would still be busy killing seedlings.


@merlin44 i shall i shall

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Maybe one of the senior members here can help you with that ,or start when u start another plant

Just use an extended night and make the change all at once. This is what most people do.


Ok the girls seem to be accepting the new light. Woohoo.
Also checked my run off water
Ph 5.86
Tds 440
My water going in was
Ph 6.5
Tds 660 i added 1/4 strength fox farm big bloom amd the green one. I forgot name. I’ll add when i get home.
Should i adjust my ph.
Also got the heat at day and night 80 humidity 50

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I’m also getting ready to top them.
I’m looking for scrog ideas. I’ve seen some nice pvc frames.
Anyone have a picture of there’s empty?

Not empty as you requested but not full either…Take a look at this post for another member earlier today.


Your pH q: depends on what number you’re aiming for. Above you say “6.5 in” but is that your goal? Quick search on roots Organic showed they recommend 5.8 to 6.3. Not sure if this what you’re using but if it is:

If you have runoff at 5.86 and you put 6.5 in, it was below 5.86 before you added more water. So you’re starting at the low end. I would add more to reach 6.2 runoff. Just in case it dips again. Just my opinion.

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@gro_wo_limits ty very much. Will make adjustment. I wanted to know if i need to go by the ph level at run off. I was thinking that is the important number. I adjust what i add to get the perfect run off.

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@merlin44 ty very much forthe info. That was exactly what i was looking for.

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I think I’m ready to top?

Might as well clone them too?

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