Oddball Weed Strains


I think the part you’ll notice is that there was only one “great high, but only lasted an hour” negative. I think the THC/CBD content stats, and everything else about them except the strain genetics is dependent on how you grow it. Pretty much any strain you choose.


GirlScoutCookies seems to be popular with many ppl but this breeder has started doing AUTOFLOWER strains only and of all the popular and famous strains aswell but not are they just autoflowering strains this breeder is speeding up even this process so i had to try and see if this is true but only time will tell. Plus if it works thn excellent i just hope my parts come sooner for my light that i am having custom built for me and it puts out over 2.5 umol am told and all parts and quantumboards tests results etc can be checked and they all come from a trusted source so i cant wait to have my new light with next to no heat at all and the power etc beats lights like the gavitas etc and will cost me a 5th of what your paying for the top end lights so i can put extra cash into other equipment like fans and filter for stealth and a nice tent size am yet to decide.


Jamaican Collie. Bob Marley’s favorite. Seeds straight out of Negril. Got Banana Kush going now.


Maui is definitely on the list. But i agree with @Whodat66. Its ILGM site. So out of respect everyone respects game. Also new growers tend to grow names we know and love. GG and White Widow are households. Also a few landraces. But again ILGM doesnt offer many (that i know of) i myself plan on ILGM seeds next order. Last time i used a competitor and only one id recommend is the Berry Bomb. I have a couple of Kilimanjaro seeds im waiting til my setup is worth germinating. And a GGxWhiteWidow :wink: and a Purple Monkey. Cant remember the breeders. But they are the 4 outta 18 or so seeds i cant wait to drop. Gotta NL at 4 days around as well so ill know that taste before long. :joy:


Also i remember starting this hobby chasing ‘Black Africa Magic’. I found some weed so brown ot was outrageous. And tasted like sh!t. But the high… o that high was to effing die for. So i googled over years. N found nothing. Tossd a few bagseed. Then orderd 100$~ worth of genetics. Then found ILGM. Never stopped hunting that Ujiri or whatevrr u spell it like :joy::joy:


I am growing Superskunk because I am hoping it has the high I remember from years back (decades) when I had “THAT” weed.

You know the one, the first time you got really high and thought “cooool duuuuude :sunglasses:


Haha. Have u seen my ‘first time getting high’ post? :joy::joy: i was shoeless in the front seat like it was the Indy 500 long story short…

Edit. The car was parkd in my dude driveway BTW. Keys on the roof


I got high AND laid :wink: and while the girl didn’t last long, that sticky-bud lasted the whole summer LOL


I’m waiting on that smell like a skunk hiding in a Christmas tree :slight_smile:


Update - still no skunky, but fruity and spicy :yum: