Oddball Weed Strains

When reading on the forum, I see a pattern of certain strains that continually get picked for grows. I’m wondering why no one ever grows cheese, LA confidential, Maui Wowie, etc. it just seems like everyone grows the same stuff. Let me know what the weirdest strain you have grown, how it went, and why you grew it.

The mowie wowie is relatively new

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I have seen all of those grown on here but you are right some strains are more popular I can’t say I have an odd strain but I enjoy the blackberry kush it’s a real pretty plant. That said I have a berry white and blue dream that are turning out to be beautiful plants

Someone here recently grew mowie wowie. It looked pretty nice. Was it @MattyBear ?


It seems like all I read about is WW, GSE, and Kush. I like being different and my try a less popular strain myself. BGL seems super popular too. Also just trying to spark conversation on a boring rainy Friday night.

I just harvested some ilgm grandaddy purple. It looks like it’s going to be fantastic. Currently 3 months into some ilgm Bruce banner and skywalker og. Next up is some more GDP and black widow, (if these seeds ever germinate). Also have a bazillion seeds from a supposed ilgm pineapple haze plant that went all hermie on me in week 7 of flower.
Past grows were all Girl Scout cookies.

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Let me know about that sky walker. I am considering growing that shizz.

We’re you able to get any buds from the herms?

I harvested the biggest colas. They still smell amazing, but the glitter has disappereaerd, and they’re littered with seeds. I’m still curing it so I haven’t tried smoking. Lots and lots of seeds from every leftover bud. I may do some outdoor experiments next year with the seeds. I won’t waste watt$ on poor genetics.

The skywalker is growing like gangbusters. Not quite as huge as the Bruce banner, but certainly right behind it. It’s outdooors in a scrog and just started pre-flowering.

You guys growing outside make me jealous. I have to grow indoors. Me and my little northern lights plants. Have you ever smoked NL and what can you tell me about it. I’m not a smoker so I’m going to have a friend do QC for me.

Never grown/tried nl.

I started outdoors on a lark and was always paranoid, so I kept it small. Now it’s legal (2 flowering plants) so I embrace it. 1bb 1skywalker og in a 5’x10’ scrog. They’ve almost filled it.

What state??

Oh, up north. Not Maine, not mass.

Gotcha. Well the corn folk need to catch on

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You pretty much listed Matt’s go to strains haha!

You know what seems to happen a lot here, someone grows a really nice plant and everyone has to grow that particular strain lol.

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Monkey see… well maybe I’ll inspire NL

What about blue cheese?

I have to limit to 4 plants or it’s a felony charge here.

To be honest. I started out with the most narcotic indicas I could find. Now I’m really going to focus on sativa. The whole narcotic high is over for me. I want to be productive.

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I hear that. This hobby reminds me of home brewing. Always trying to make something new