Odd...something wrong?

Only leaves on my plant that look like this…any one know why possibly? Also, only flower/bud that has any color starting …am I missing something here?

As far as the color on the bud, all plants are different some say white pistols the whole time some have a little color to them. Eventually they are all going to shrivel up and turn brown nothing to worry about. The leaves say you got pest some where starting to munch on you leaves. Time to start getting it under control. Possibly thrips.

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What strain and where’s it from?

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Thank you for your feed back!

WW auto…got them from ILGM (indoor)

And your concern is the “spotting” on the upper fan leaves, right?

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No, the spotting on the leaves around the flower/bud in the picture. Only place it’s showing…she’s very happy and praising the light as we speak…I just want to get ahead of any possible issues that might follow.

I think we’re talking about the same thing. To me they look like fan leaves, but they are adjacent to the flowers, yes.

What’s your medium, and what (if any) nutrients are you adding?

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I’m a first time grower, but I believe they’re the “sugar leaves”?
I have used organic soil from start, no nutrients added.
My water system has UV light, reverse osmosis, plus a couple of other filters to help quality…they’re beautiful and healthy looking…just struck me as odd, so figured I ask all of you for your experience and knowledge! :sunglasses:

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New growth on the top of the plant being affected makes me think calcium deficiency .


I’d call the very narrow leaves that are almost without serration sugar leaves. No matter. We’re talking about the same blotchy leaves.

It could be a number of things. It might be a pest, but I don’t think it is. The issue, as you describe it, is only on the most recent growth. The new growth will tell you the most about the plant’s nutrient uptake, and so I’m thinking this is a deficiency. I would guess calcium or magnesium. I’m strongly leaning calcium.

Adding a sprinkle of dolomitic lime to the top of the soil should help. Since you’re on this early, I wouldn’t add a “more soluble” calcium, but you can expect the leaves to look worse before they look better. There’s a lag with soil.

Buy a 3-8lb bag of that dolomitic lime, and add it to your soil from now on in future grows. Your water is too clean, which may be part of the problem. You might want to add a little epsom salt too.\

Edit: Is there a reason you’re going to such great measures to purify your water?


I bought my house couople months back and it came with this water system.
Thank you for the in depth response, thank you to everyone who’s responded…extremely helpful!!