Odd situation for y'all

I have a Sour Diesel feminized that is currently sitting in a 10 gallon smart pot in FFOF. This plant was started from ILGM seed on 5/1/17 and has turned into a beautiful little bush that is stalled out at 12" high. Fertilizing with Sea Grow All Purpose, ph 6.5 from pond water, water cycle only when dry and watered through to runoff. Runoff is around 6.2 No TDS for nutes; using the recommended schedule. The plant is gorgeous. Just little for being as old as she is. She’s sexually mature but being held back on an 18/6 light schedule as I don’t want to flower that small. Curious as to what you might think and if I might be able to get her jumpstarted into more active veg?

Could NOT find a support ticket using the desktop. Available through the tablet or phone but I can TYPE on this! I put a suggestion to pin that on the desktop version.

I will upload a pic from my phone shortly.

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How close are your lights brother

I’m running a set of 3 ea 1,000 watt (let’s not get into that) and 2 300 watt led’s situated approx 18" above ground zero. You thinking she has no reason to stretch? Also, she’s with another Sour Diesel and a Gold Leaf. The other Sour Diesel is not as bad and the Gold Leaf is growing like a, well, weed. Grown plants 5’ high under this setup. The Gold Leaf was put in dirt on 6/21 and it’s taller than my problem child now.

That is my thought @Myfriendis410 all plants are a bit different and she might just be happy at that height with that much light available?

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Well, she needs a boot in the ass! That is unacceptable behaviour! Yeah, I’m gonna do a bit of a change up on the feeding to see if I can jump start her, and put her further from the light.

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Can’t hurt to try bro you can always go back lol
Keep me posted :+1:

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Yeah, I was hoping for a monster Sour D plant though. Bummer. I’ll have to pin my hopes on the Gold Leaf…I’ll let you know. I’ll add a picture; she’s a pretty thing.

Here you go. Taken last Saturday.

That plant was 12 " tall and in a 5 gallon smart pot.


Maybe she ran out of room in that 5 gallon pot? She’s a pretty girl for sure! @Myfriendis410 I can’t even imagine trying to transplant into a larger pot though.

She’s in a 10 now, and I could have waited, based on the roots.

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She’s beautiful @Myfriendis410 nice job
If you did a lot of training that will cause her to stay low as well
How many times yountop her
@bob31 makes a good point as well

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Beauty! You might have a better harvest than you think with her . . .

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yeah, I remember when you transplanted. Maybe it is too much light.

How many watts per sq foot are you doing? @Myfriendis410

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That is a pretty girl!

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Not sure if it does it in more than one stage of life but all of my plants have stalled at one point . They get to where they are putting most of their energy into growing root

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That’s topped twice. Some supercropping. Without it she’d be 18" high. @bob31, I’ve got 2 of those cheap 1,000 watt on her and the other two. @Oldstoner, maybe. I’ll keep a close eye on it.

Betting thats it when they reach out with the roots to where thet feel happy they are gonna start jumping up

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Maybe she has an inferiority complex. All girls need love :heart:

More then likely she is focusing on her root structure because of the transplant… all of her growing is being done under the soil… once she finds the edges of the pot she will start to grow above the soil again… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Update: I put the plants back under two 300 watt Meizhi led’s and the plant in question has now grown to 20" tall. Whether it was a root pause or simply too much light, she’s back to growing again. Gorgeous plant!