Odd or normal growth? What should I do?

So the plant just decided grow a new primary stalk inside itself in the middle of the picture and plant you’ll see. Could it be a spot for possible breakage?

Also, could y’all give it a guess as to if it’s an indica or Sativa? Thanks!

I would doubt it would break, if it was, I’d be the old main.

Yeah that’s what I’m worried about because it’s thicker than the main stem. I’ll probably put a cage around it as it gets bigger just to have support in case when it buds the weight doesn’t break it.

Outdoor grow? If it gets a good breeze most days, that will help strengthen all the branches. IMO, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Seen lots of great grows with cages!

Yeah it’s all been outdoor. Actually they went through a tropical storm about three weeks ago. I went out in the middle of it and put a tarp over them but they survived so they should be nice and strong.