Odd mutation in Fem Zkittles

So I seem to have some odd mutation on the first set of true leaves, as you can see the 2nd fingers of each leaves are actually conjoined on one side cause both leaves to bend towards each other. Not sure if it will co to use doing this with new nodes or not and also not sure what it means for the plant later like how it will effect it. I’m going to let it keep going just to see tho.

Who would I contact about this from the website?

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Welcome to the community Growmie, I consider a mutant unique. Grow it out, it’ll surprise you :love_you_gesture:

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Yea I will be keeping them cause what if the mutation turns out positive… haha

Its kinda acting like it’s been topped, the node where the mutation started, the part of the stem that the node came out of is actually split and now another node is coming out of it basically in the same place. So the older growth with the mutation is over a new growth just below the original node the mutation was on….

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Positive Mutant

now you need a poll to come up with her
superpower hero name