Odd looking new growth in flower

Hello friends, first time grower looking for a little help with some odd growth I’m noticing. I have 2 girls in week 2 of flower. Flipped on Day 64. Some leaves look damaged and discolored in new growth lower down on the branches. Last feeding on 8/26, per gal: Micro-4ml, Grow-3ml, Bloom-6ml, CalMag-1.25ml.

I appreciate your guidance and support! Looking forward to getting to know the community!

–What strain: ILGM Mango Kush photo
-Age of plant: 74 days
-Method: Happy Frog soil w/ GH Trio and CalMag
-Vessels: 5 gal fabric
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff:
IN: PH 6.4, TDS: ~1200; OUT: PH 6.0, TDS: 990 full transparency, I still don’t understand TDS!
-Method used to measure PH and TDS: digital handheld meters
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space: Indoor 4x4 AC Infinity
-Light system brand and wattage/spectrum: ACI Ionboard S44 400W full spectrum
-Actual wattage draw of lights: currently set to 70%
-Current Light Schedule: 12/12
-Temps; Day, Night: Day: 80; Night: 70
-Humidity; Day, Night: Day: 55% Night: 65%
-Ventilation system: 6” inline Cloudline S6, 2 8” fans
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: House AC to 72, Humidifier and Dehumidifier available. Not using dehumidifier bc increases temps at night.
-Co2: No


@dbrn32 , @Caligurl , @CaliRob. I’ve been following your posts and advice to others. Any ideas on my issue? Appreciate your time!


So 2 week into flower I’ll assume they have and may still be growing very rapidly since the flip.

It appears the damage is just above the net level :thinking:
Could it be possible that at some point during the streach after flip, that the net had slightly damaged the node and the evidence is just now becoming noticeable as the grow at points where it could have pressed against the net.


Interesting. I see leaf damage but I also see new growth that is twisted.

Leaves are damaged by being moved around and could also be insect. But I would imagine you would have seen anything that could damage them (ie grasshopper, etc).

Do you have a good scope that you can look under the leaves?

I’m tagging @Myfriendis410 for his guidance


Oh man, I appreciate the tag but I am for sure still learning and would hate to steer you in the wrong direction. You have done a great job so far.

I do think @1HappyPappy has a point with the netting given the indents/chunks missing out of the leaves. They kinda look similar in some spots. The plants look very healthy except for those few leaves.

I am going to tag in some more experienced growers @Graysin @Fiz @merlin44 @Myfriendis410 any idea what could be going on with these plants?


I was thinking some sort of insect but with the indoor growth I wasn’t sure how common that was.

You are definitely a big expert though and lord knows you’ve had your battles this year.

Thanks @1HappyPappy. Damage from the trellis was my guess too but wanted to be sure this wasn’t some kind of deficiency I wasn’t recognizing. I had issues a couple of times removing runoff after watering under the net. I ended up basically having to retrellis by the time I was done moving them around once so this theory makes sense. I have since gotten a siphon pump to remove runoff without disturbing the girls or net. In retrospect, I think I over-vegged and over-trained for a first timer. I’m soaking up so much information and eager to try every technique. Happy little mistakes are life’s best teachers though, right?!


Thank you @Caligurl, @Myfriendis410, do you guys agree it could be damage from the trellis? I had issues catching run off a couple of times and wasn’t the most gentle by the end of it! I’ll inspect closely for any pests today as well to be safe. Appreciate the support! :pray:


@CaliRob, good deal. Thank you for the humility and for passing on my question. Looking forward to learning with you all! :call_me_hand:

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You mentioned your using 8" fans inside your tent. When i had the same type of thing going on with one of my plants alot of people here said it was to much wind. Be care of your fan speeds


Right on @MartyMarajuanaseed! Thanks for looking out. I was just looking at pics and thinking I need to change the direction of the lower fan. Right now it’s pointing between the two plants on a slight upward angle. I’m going to turn it away from the plants at a higher angle. I had one lower fan leaf in the area dry out on me already. :pray:

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Do your fans oscillate? Have one pointing at the canopy with a slight breeeze. Just so the leaves shimmer a little.

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@Growzen55 welcome to the family my friend happy growing nice plants

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Superficially it does look like insect damage. If you suspect it was from the trellis I’d simply keep a close eye on the plant.

Looks like you are about ready to do a mild defoliation: fan leaves and understory only.


Thank you @Myfriendis410. Here they are after a light defol today. I’ve been weary to take too much off. I’m constantly taking a leaf here and there. But I prob took around 30 leaves off today. Let me know what you think on how much I took. And if you have a preference on taking lots of leaves of at once or little bit at a time, I’d appreciate your perspective.

Regarding the bugs, I will be watching in terror :scream: I sprayed with peppermint oil a couple of weeks ago and will prob give another spray tonight before bed. What do you all use for IPM?

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That’s good; those leaves produce the flower we want.

I would not spray peppermint oil on plants, especially with flowering started. There are two products that I recommend to use alternating between them: ‘Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew’ and ‘Safer’ Caterpillar Killer. The first one is a bacterium called Spinosad and the other is BtK (Bacillus Thurengiensis). They target different insect pests but do so without being harmful to pets or people. You can spray on the day of harvest if you want. I do recommend a bud wash in peroxide for any plant, indoors or outdoors.

Here’s an example of the water after one plant:


Sorry I’m late to respond here, but I have same advice others giving. Holes in leaves is typically insect damage. Twisting of leaves is usually more an indicator of environmental issues. Could be vpd issue or watering habits, fans blowing too much air over plants is like a vpd issue even though temp and humidifier may be on point.

When you’re feeding about how much are you pouring through the 5 gallon fabric pots? How often? Are you rotating with ph’d waterings?

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Thank you. I’ll look into grabbing these.

Thanks @dbrn32. I haven’t been able to spot any insects yet. Need to do more research on what im looking for and how. Right now the girls are getting fed around every 4-5 days (quickly increasing) and I’m using water only every 3rd feeding. I’m watering just under 2 gals per plant and getting ~2 liters of runoff. What do you think? I do suspect the second fan I added just over a week ago is too strong to point towards the plants and I just turned it yesterday to point towards the tent wall instead. The second fan is a clip fan and is set low speed pointing across the top of the canopy.
The reason I suspected the trellis is that I have several points where I can see the lower node sites developing pressed against the trellis. I’m not sure how to avoid this when I’m trying to spread them out and they’re growing so fast. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks, luckily lights out was a couple minutes after I wrote that so I never got a chance.

If that was not Cervantes in the video I’d say you’re both damn crazy! First time seeing this after so much research. Intimidating.