Odd leaf growth

My son noticed the leaves growing like this on my WW, is this normal? I have been growing for about 6 year’s now and never seen this before or I just never noticed.

The whole plant is like this.


It’s just that plants genetics. I have a Gold Leaf that had one single narrow leaf on all fan leaves until it got going good. It’s nothing to worry about really. @Ethnomsn

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Wait till you have a bud grow off your leaf it happens at the base where they come off the stem they can do crazy stuff looks healthy

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Thinking I might have gotten a stray seed from another strain. Wonder if any strains have that genetic trait. She looks nothing like her sister from the same seed pack.

They can look dramatically different from the same strain. Especially auto flowers. That’s why I wait until almost flower before I clone so I can pick the best of the best for the new run @Ethnomsn

I like it I’d cut one put it in a book you don’t use and press it for about a year lol. It will hold color as well, i have a leaf from my grow 3 years ago and its still green. Anywho yep normal stuff you know just growing like a “weed” :wink:. Happy growing

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