..Odd leaf curl

I don’t have 300X but at 60X I don’t see those black spots at all

I’m not saying they’re not they’re under extreme magnification, but I don’t see them.

…but everything else looks pretty much the same hammer, and we couldn’t be farther apart and be on the same continent, I’m almost in the ocean on this side and your way on the other and we have this same weird thing going on ???

I don’t know what questions to ask or what to glean from your grow ticket, I didn’t expect anything to stand out and I don’t believe anything stands out in mine either …I don’t see a possible common cause ?

this condition was first observed in my very first grow back in March after about 3 weeks to a month, its first appeared in 2 autos.

I don’t know if there’s any relevance to that but that’s where it appered, and it spread to other strains. the OG Kush is extremely resistant to it, but some others are extremely susceptible to it and I’ve almost lost some plants because of it

I still suspect my faulty and malfunctioning pH meter had a lot to do with some of my leaf burn issues but now I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t this weird thing we have, and it’s affecting some strains much worse than others … I’m starting to think the latter may be true

my borderlnr was last to show ,my ssilver haze the first i feed aprox 800 ppm you feed at and over ,at 60X power you see something … i saw Some thing at 16X but looked like tiny tiny black flecks . and at 16X you cant see the micro hair . but can see the trichomes just fine

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I don’t believe this is environmental stress, and I don’t believe it has anything to do with any products,

this appeared in some plants before any nutrient solution was applied

I think there’s some type of a recessive thing in ganga now. I believe that the last 25 years of this so-called breeding program where everybody and his brother wants to name a strain after themself is, I believe, potentially the end of marijuana as we know it from not that many decades ago, and I believe this disease might be part of it (doom & gloom)

…this is my Off the Wall paraNormal Theory but I got nothing else…

In that case I do not have the black flecks that you do, they are not visible at 60X I do not see them at all …0%

I have checked over a dozen leaves all in varying degrees of that stress still on the plant, and as many on the ground

I don’t have those black specks

The fact that this appeared in some plants BEFORE any nutrient was ever applied made me consider ffof soil or my local water

But we can throw that all out now because your in hydro and you’re not using my local water

…now I got nothing Hammer, nothing ?!

that leaves WHAT MMMMMMMMMMM… pathogen? microbile.? fungus .? DO you use peroxide ???

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I have a bottle, I’ve used about two drops of it twice and I just bought it within the last few weeks so I would say it is not a factor at all

I use it mainly on my clones, in a solution that contains it

…this ‘issue’ was present long before the peroxide was in my house

Let’s call it an ISSUE for now LOL I don’t want to call it anything stronger :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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iam leaveing no stoner , i mean NOSTONE unturned … this may be one for the lab MMM and i just happen to know 1 or 3 members lol… Hammer

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Black spots aside I would say that this is the same thing we have, therefore this goes deeper than what products were using.

I believe this is in the genetics of the seeds at this point. I believe this is much wider spread and we’re just not hearing about it.

I think when many people believe they’re seeing Cal Mag issues, in many cases I think they’re actually seeing what we both have

I think that’s how we got here from another thread where someone thought it was Cal Mag issue

I was thinking the same thing!

… maybe we need to get blinded with science

I see no way it’s a Cal Mag issue I put 2 - 2.5 ml in every gallon I mix and this is straight from veg to flower …it doesn’t seem to matter it’s just there and it doesn’t wanna stop

some strains it has no mercy on, others in barely touches like the OG Kush, however I had a different strain of kush and it had much more so…?

We definitely need input I’m running out of hare-brained conspiracy theories

Edited to remove conspiracy theories

I was reading up on leaf spot…just investigating…when the article had

“Leaf spot among vegetables is most often introduced through infected seed or transplants. Make sure your seeds and transplants are from leaf spot-free stock.”

And since you said it appeared after buying seeds from cream of the crop seeds?

Just throwing that out there. Still looking…

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Nope. That was the first place I noticed it but it’s on every single strain and I’ve got at least half a dozen different vendors going right now

I know my pH meter was inconsistent and even outright failed I’m holding out that it had something to do with the cheap yellow meter now that I have a more accurate meter

But I don’t understand why Hammer seems to be having the exact same thing with different strains, in a different place ?

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@kabongster my strains came from AMS and ILGM …different origin then Paranorman"s …Hammer as listed above ive managed to keep my ph 6.2-5,5 only been out of that range a few times and then less then 24 hours .before corrective measures… H

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I have ilgm previously and currently, but they have it too

I wouldn’t call it a fungus, disease, a virus ?
I have no idea … I still want to believe that my pH meter was off and things got acidy because I can’t make sense of this otherwise

I wasn’t saying much about it until I saw another thread where @hammer had describe the same unknown symptoms @kabongster

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You didn’t specify, and you are specific…or I missed it, and I’ve re-read it a few times, short-long term memory loss…(lol, just took my grandson to see Finding Dory…what were we talking about?)
I have to ask…

is this happening all over the plant or certain sections or areas like mid level or new fan leaves.
has it improved with any of your countermeasures or is it continuing?

I am curious cause it is common enough with most people saying calcium or magnesium, with a few saying trace nutrients, maybe caused by pH.
After that, it’s a leaf spot disease.

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And boom goes the dynamite ! LOL

…that’s how we got here ! I happened to see hammer in another thread talking about this saying it’s not calmag because everybody was saying it was and one thing led to another

we both have the same damn thing! it can be anywhere from a few Speckles on one leaf to a plant decimated

these can be two clones from the same mother and one Falls heavily and one has almost none ?

disease resistance? I don’t want to be right, though…about having leaf spot.

you know my PhD hasn’t arrived, this thing scares us both.

I’m not into conspiracies, I do think some seed people make mistakes, companies have recalled lots of things.

All you can do is control your variables at this point.

It’s across all strains and many vendors

I add 2.5 ml Cal Mag per gallon even though it always starts in veg

… and it starts before I started feeding any newts at all, just pH water and superthrive

( @Hammer, are you using superthrive? )

I want to believe it was my old and an inaccurate pH meter

I’m starting new seeds for my fall strains in about a month, in the meantime I’ve got two 2 white widows and 4 OG Kush in veg

none of the kush has shown Speckles yet, but that is also the most resistant strain

I will hold the super Thrive from the OG Kush but they already received it in the propagation tray

I’m just getting back into this but hammer has been doing this a long time and it’s got him stumped too ?! we’re both grasping at straws here ?

It seems to me, the two of you can handle pH, flushes, nutrients, heat stress, bugs…by the process of elimination…

My kids got me an ozone generator for Christmas for the smell…I asked in the forum if anyone used it for that purpose and no one replied.
In the description it says kills molds and mildew so I intend to use it before I start again in the Fall, to cleanse the cellar area I grow in.


I have read Neem oil will help. But not on flowers.

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I used to use one several decades ago. I think it was a negative ion generator, it kind of worked but I think it kind of took the buds smell away too, if I recall

Re: the spots, the only variant I have left is the water. I’ve got a good pH meter now.

I’ve got four OG Kush clones that don’t have this, at least as far as I can tell. I’m checking them carefully, and I’m going to start recording everything they get PPM pH etc.

Normally I freestyle, but I really want to know what this is

…if it shows up in them I’m stumped ?