Odd Auto of the bunch

@BerlyT.hb just keep your updates and questions posted and this group will see you through the finish line :checkered_flag:!! Good luck and keep growing!! :+1:t2::green_heart::grin:

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Midwest isnt wrong. But I dont agree with 200 watts required per plant. I grew a plant just fine under a ts1000. It was small but the buds were fairly dense so 100 watts is at least doable per plant with fair results. Got just shy of 2 oz’s. Not bad.

My suggestion is activly keep you plants to a modest size. (I.e. dont go crazy with nutes!)You arent maxing out the light potential for the space you are in so you dont want 4 massive plants under there. You will get lotsa larf because there just isnt enough light to support that.

Right or wrong these are my thoughts.
Everybody looks happy. Have you thought about planting the extras somewhere sechluded, a wooded area or abandoned homestead? You could just put the extras in the ground somewhere and come back in 2 months to see if they lived.


I will do the only reason my first grow did as good as it did was the help i got from the very knowledgeable people here

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Yeah my first grow i just had the 2 ts1000 and i grew 3 beautiful banana kush photos with a decent yeild.

And ill try to keep them a moderate size, and might i ask what does larf mean?

I thought about taking some to the woods but its one hell of s risk around here. I went out into the woods yesterday and found some nice spots where we think theyd grow pretty well but dont know if i want to take the chance

Heres my last grow


a familiar tale

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I can tell from those curing jars that we’re relatively close in location. So I know exactly what you mean about the risk of hitting the woods with your grow. I’ve had as many as 400 clones spread out over a couple hundred acres and it gets nerve racking, especially when you hear the chopper coming your way. If you do it I recommend you spread the plants out.

Anyway, I’m growing indoor and autos for the first time right now. Every single one of the four I have going is different. The one that started with mutated leaves and the one I broke the main stalk on starting LST look like they’re gonna be the best producers. Autos are a different animal.

Take advice from the more experienced growers and you’ll do fine. FWIW my advice is start autos in their final container (I recommend fabric pots), dial in your growing environment and LST is a great thing. Since the plant I broke recovered and is doing so well I’m going to try topping and fimming my next run with autos. Can’t reccomed that til I’ve tried it though. Good luck going forward.

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Yeah its scary with the amount of police that come through these backroads and then all people that fly crop dusters around here, ima try to just keep it inside for now.

And ive been taking in all the info i can get, the amount of things yoi can learn about these plants is almost never ending
Ive got some lst clips on the way ive heard doing high stress isn’t too good for autos even though one of mine seems to have topped itself

Goodluck to your grow too i appreciate any opinions i can get

Leafy and airy buds.

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Alright we got them transplanted yesterday the moment the soil came in and are sitting on the new pot raisers, i think there gonna do alright :+1:

Ive got some lst clips, should i try to go ahead and carefully bend them over? Or is it too late for that

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Well I tried it anyway, 2 of them are a bit too short and im afraid of messing with them too much.
I was able to do the majority
i didnt bother with the polyploid i figured it’ll be fine without the lst clips
Now 2 more have started flowering, i hope they wont be bad quality just because i was late to transplanting them, if they are ill just take the knowledge with the next grow :sweat_smile:

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Well its been about a week since i last updated, they all seem to be doing very well, i haven noticed any type of problems yet.

They got watered today and I took the readings for them, two of them i dont thunk are accurate readings, most of the runnoff came out the side onto the tent floor but the rest drained properly.

I havent given it any type of nutrients so i assume the ppms are high from the nutes still in the soil

Heres a couple pictures just to update how they look