Odd and even points

I just started a banana kush auto and I’ve noticed the leaves coming in are 3 points on 1 side and 2 points on the other. They are just at 2 weeks old. Should I let her ride. She’s in a 7 gall smart pot with a soil mixture of strawberry fields on the bottom, then ocean forest, followed by happy frog on the top. She’s also under a mars hydro ts1000.

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Autos will grow some funky leaves. (hell, they will just grow strange sometimes.) I believe the duck feet are inherited from the ruderalis.

Of course.


I have one auto at 5 weeks flower and it has 3 and 4 pointers all over, and no leaves over 4" to the tip. Nice, fat, chunky, smelly nugs, though.


They do funky things sometimes… no worries.