Odd almost sunburnt striping on my plants

Hey guys, I can send pics, but none of them show the issue. both of my plants have a slightly darker green, almost burnt looking striping on the raised parts of the leaves, and/or the tips of them. I’m thinking is the lights, but Its a GreenGo LED that I thought wasn’t all that strong. Its already 3 ft away from canopy, but even new growth is showing it. The girls look really healthy otherwise! They are noticeably bigger every couple hours! Maybe its a genetic thing??

Try taking pics with your flash. Perhaps turn off your light for a couple minutes to eliminate the purple.

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The pic from underneath actually shows it, if you can see where the darks spots are, that’s exactly where they are above too

Cant tell anything under the grow lights…
But is this what you see?

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Here they are with flash! And distance of light

No, none of those, the lighter colors look like the healthy color, while the darker parts look too dark. It’s on the parts of the leaves between the stems, not surrounding them. I’m hoping it’s not bite deficiency. I’m doing a kind soil coco loco nute free grow! So that would be a bummer🤣

Are the tips of the edges a little bit brown? They look like they might be.

The most common problems at that age are…
Wrong ph causing nutrient lockout
Nutrient burn…but you are not feeding so this is out
overwatering…which can mimic all kinds of issues
Pic above is from overwatering

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At the moment there are no brown or dead spots on it. I may be over watering. I just upped the watering to a cup every other day. Do you think that’s too much? I put my finger in the soil and it seemed fairly dry

If the soil overall was damp when you potted it you should be able to go longer.
At that age I go about a week and watch close for drooping.
They will tolerate far more dry conditions than wet.

Awesome, thanks man. I’ll hold off on watering until they tell my it’s time

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However the soil was NOT damp when I transplanted