OD edibles. Help


Couple of a days ago i eat a brownie and get shakes all over my body and my breathing was heavy. Is someone had same expierence? Now i think never eat a brownie. So bad trip.
I have pretty good tolerance and my friend eat a 3 brownies and he liked. I know i have better tolerance when we smoke but edibles…
Can it be everyone are not made eat a ebibles.?


Maybe you’re allergic to it.


Ive known no allergies with me. But thats second or third time when i ate a edible and have panic attack and uncontrollable shakes all over my body/last two times, last was scariest.
What allergi you think i have?


I don’t know, but if you’re having a bad reaction to it, it sounds like you’re allergic to eating weed. I wouldn’t do any more edibles.


Brownies have a much different affect than smoking. They hit me from the inside out. I start to get a tingling feeling in my chest then feel it move to the rest of my body. If you eat to much you’ll have some adverse reactions. I tend to eat a small amount at a time until I know what to expect. I’ve made the mistake of eating to much so I proceed with caution now. In my limited experience sativa dominate will cause more anxiety. I made a new batch with White Widow and the anxiety is still there but not nearly as bad.


Man my woman likes edibles. She gets the chocolate bars and only eats half a square at a time. I smoke every day and thought I could handle more. Boy was I wrong, I ate one square off the chocolate bar and I was in for a ride. Edibles are a different beast


All i know is a littlebit goes a long ways with edibles also made that mistake of having too much one evening and i was medicated half the next day at work


Sound like u may of ate a little to much something like that happened to me the other day I ate way to much and wasnt a great ideal made some cookies ate 1 got the munchies ate bout 3 more smh if u try it again try a 1/4 of what u ate last time it’s for sure a way different high


I just started reading up on edibles and cannabutter and yes, a little does go a long way. Unless it is purchased from a dispensary, you wont know the exact amount of the good stuff is in the brownie. For instance, my White Widow is about 19-25% THC from ILGM. I would need 1 oz trimmings and LARF buds for 4 sticks of butter. This would provide about 12 mg THC per serving if you made brownies. Eat half and wait 30 minutes to see if any effect. If none, eat the other half and wait again. If no effect, drink glass of water and wait again. If still unaffected, do not eat anymore. Try again another day starting with a whole brownie and working in 1/2 increments at a time as before.


fyi some people metabolize weed slower than other when eaten. Give it an hour to start kicking in. You can always eat more, but you cant eat less.


Everyone does metabolize it differently it normally takes me about 1 hour and a half before I feel anything and about 3 hours for it to Peak I made some tea a few days ago and the recipe said to use butter to extract the THC and I never felt anything from it. I was wondering if anyone has made some gummies just curious on how they were


Honestly, when edibles first kick in, I go through about 10 minutes of what feels like an anxiety/panic attack. My body kind of vibrates, if that makes sense. Then, that anxious feeling goes away & I feel very good.

I tend to eat a stronger dose than needed. I kind of depend on that initial feeling to let me know I’m heading towards Stonedville, very quickly.


Did you decarb your plant material before making your budder? If you don’t plan on farther cooking with your budder, but just want to spread it on toast or put it in hot beverages, you need to turn the THC-A into THC.

Anyone for a spot of TeaHC?


I didnt decarb it that process smells up the house lol . I seen a machine that makes your butter, and tintires maybe that will be my Christmas present to myself. How long does it take you to feel the effects of edibles? @blackthumbbetty i normally chew up a bud and swallow it but it never goes down easily so I need to find some fairly easy edible recipes


Unless you decarb, eating a raw bud won’t get you THC high. You’ll get other benefits, but not high.

Usually, for me, edibles kick in between 45-90 minutes after eating them.


I heard that you won’t get high unless you decarb but i.can eat a raw bud and three hours later im toasted


Now, imagine how blasted you’d get if you decarbed your nug, first.


Lol i couldn’t imagine im definitely not going to eat as much as i do raw. I also made a tinture and i decarbed buds i used in it . I tried half a teaspoon and i didn’t really feel high it just made it’s very difficult to sleep at night not sure where I went wrong with that one.


I ate a good size bud" on Hawaii and it made me black-out “I was ok then the next moment I was picking myself off the floor” Im not a pass-out kind of guy, caught me off guard :clown_face:


Lmao funny