October Harvest


I am so grateful that I am having a better crop than last year. I knew that my plants were getting close. It looked like i would be able to sager my harvest.
I went to work for a few days, and its been getting cold at night, than the rain started, now its spose to rain for the next week, and all the plants look like they are ready to harvest.
How long to I have to wait now to let the rain dry off the plants before I can harvest without getting mold on my buds.
It is like the day time temps can run anywhere from mid 50 to 80, for the next week to two weeks and the night time temps can go as low as 39, but mostly 50 and 40


Many people actually wash the buds after harvest, then hang them in front of a fan to dry back off. Rain itself shouldn’t be an issue, it’s making sure they are ‘actively’ dried (fans) until they are dry from the water. After that a fan should circulate air, but not blow directly on them as the ‘insides’ dry.


If there ready , harvest now and follow @Whodat66 advice for drying… :wink:
Make sure to chop 6 hours after it gets dark… all of the nutrients will be in the roots at that time… :wink:



Actually, if there’s not a front moving through and it plans to stay humid after the rain stops, there’s where your mold will be hiding, or bud rot. When it gets all nice and steamy like a freshly turned compost pile :wink:


Planning my first harvest on the 19th. I hadn’t heard about harvesting at night. Is this recommended even if I do a flush one week before harvest? Thank you.


Here is my one plant early harvest (86 days from sprout)



And her sister is still getting dense and dank :wink:


How much did you take from that first plant??


450g just snipped, and all the tops were dense. Should dry to a minimum of 3oz, but likely closer to 4.

10g of that 450 has already dried into 2g that I’m ‘medicating’ with today LOL


She’s looking great!


Thanks! Definitely sold on the ILGM seeds and the FF nute’s


How are the meds?


Spectacular! And without a cure too. So only getting better. If you are a businessman and want repeat customers - cure! :slight_smile:


Awesome to hear! I sampled some larf buds last night and it was great too


Yes , 6 hours after dark period starts is the best time to chop… all of the stored nutrients that the plant uses during lights on to photosynthesis are stored in the roots during lights out… :wink:
So its basically a flush without having to do so…