October BUD OF THE MONTH 2018


It’s going to be a tough competition this time for sure!


You can enter the same bud every month till you win if you want but after a win it’s retired till the next bud you want to enter :wink: good luck


Thanks for the intel.


Order #228433 LA Confidential
This is what I grew with my October 2017 BOM prize winnings!


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem)
Order #163519
Outdoor grow - 7 1/2 weeks into flowering


Skywalker Og outdoor order # 238221


Boy howdy am I glad that I don’t have to compete with this group of growers any more y’all are killing it this month . I’m really impressed with this month’s entries.


Oh yeah Ilgm order # 283587
Black widow


(Jack Herer Auto)
Order # 316122

Indoor Gorilla Grow
450watt LED
Fox Farm Nutes
Soiless Medium


I pic pick one not 2 @indoorman and need a number @Loneviking or it won’t count for both 1 pic per entry and order number from ILGM seed order


Pic one picture or they don’t count


A number? I don’t understand the request.


an order #


Exactly a order number from your ILGM seed order @Loneviking


I didn’t know the contest was limited to ILGM orders. Take the entry down.


Yes this is a group of friendly family members of ILGM. Personally I am very happy with their seeds and I rate them number one as a provider in information that you can follow and grow the most wonderful garden ever. Try them out and join a family of people who are there to help you.


Purple Haze order #207655


@Whodat66 I’m fairly certain you can’t enter the same plant 3 different times. The rules are simple and clear for eveeyone to follow. This isn’t hard people. Follow simple directions.


Please, one picture per entry. @N00BIE @Whodat66 If you don’t eliminate one of your pictures neither will count. PLEASEEEEEEEE. lol I like the first pictures by the way.


purple haze #311213