October BUD OF THE MONTH 2018

Thanks I read the rules but something someone said erlier in this thread got me confused and doubting myself thanks for the reply @Hogmaster

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Super Skunk fem order #301024


I should have thought about this thread, closest I have is a partial picture of the top of my Amnesia Haze -
Nowhere near as pretty as some of these.

Order #292155

Placed on May 02, 2018 11:08AM

Product SKU Price Quantity Total
Amnesia Haze Autoflower - 5 seeds

Fulfilled 03 May 2018|

But WAIT!!!

Do DRIED BUDS count?

  • 2nd picture taken ten minutes ago

@FrikkinFrank please refer to the rules for the bud of the month contest

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~also post edited to include order # & etc…

But it still says no where whether the bud has to be alive or dry, now does it?


  • I’m in! It’s a real entry, even if my chances are - well…

The rules are simple. 1 picture of a bud from ILGM with order number. This is not hard people. Dried or on the plant still doesn’t matter. What matters is the order numher and 1, I say again 1 picture. Go read the rules and follow them that goes for any and everyone.


Sensi starship


If they can’t read the rules they won’t be in the contest they can put all the pictures that they want but one picture dry wet whatever but order number also I just won’t put it on the list for vote


Here is my Gold Leaf. Grown outdoors in Cali. Order # 279289.


Beautiful @Jrich9607


Thanks @hogmaster.


I apologize for trying to correct anyone or inform anyone of the rules. If I offened anyone it wasn’t intentional. I will not be speaking again. You got it bud :v:


That is beautiful! Gonna be tough competition this month!

hey i dont think you needed to apologize. i dont have a dog in this competition, but i appreciate it when peoples follow the rules. Im glad u said something. pls dont stop participating, im not sure what was said to you, but just shake of the negativity


This will undoubtedly get me kicked off, but this is what was sent to me. Have a great day y’all :v:probably won’t be seeing me around after this. Good luck everyone

I think you’re taking it a little to harshly. Looking from the outside in I see from both angles. I say take a breather but don’t leave. I am a stickler for rules so I get the urge to help and point them out but online it is easy to be misunderstood. They do a pretty good job of keeping it civil here. If not this would be the same as all the other forums where trolls make it impossible for most people to get help or the answers they need. I have a few people here I’ve avoided because I don’t like their attitude… but it’s just text so maybe I’m misreading. But it’s easier to just flag and walk away.


gold leaf from ilgm and gorilla glue by ilgm. I’m going to post pictures that look better when I chop them down tomorrow


If your entering them you HAVE to have an order number with the pictures. They do look nice.

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And one picture come on guys read the rules I’m going to disqualify if people can’t read and listen come on guys it’s something that ILGM has allowed us to do and don’t need a few who don’t play by the rules to ruin it for everyone???


2 more days for entry’s ends 21s at 12 est