October BUD OF THE MONTH 2018

Lol, well at least your soil ventures aren’t in vain. That’s a proper flower!

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I was expecting fruity/sweet. There’s not much of that. It’s earthy/dank and smells amazing. I harvest with about 10% amber, so the high is euphoric and energetic. 2 hits and I’m relaxed happy and motivated. After 6 or 7 hits I’m not going anywhere but feel like I could rebuild a carb (I’d be too high for that, but I’m convinced I’d have the focus).
It’s a great daytime smoke.


Order#: 130678

Taking another stab with ak47. Clearly there was an issue last time around and nobody saw this beast! :grimacing:


When I ever try WW it always dies yours looks good

@Happyweed84, thank you it has actually been a relatively easy grow. I have 5 more coming up for harvest November. My biggest issue has been bud rot, bugs or Leaf Septoria.

Everyone, me included please use the BOM Chat room thread to chat. These monthly BOM contest threads can get hard for some of us to compare all the great looking buds when the time comes to vote. All the info is great, just not in the right place. @Hogmaster will probably clean up a lot of this thread just to make it easier to decide on which bud to pick. I started the chat room for this reason.


The Calendar has been snuffed, sorry to say. When I tried to copy and download the images presented in the contest; Some were just not good enough qiality to apply to a calendar app or website. This is why you all have not seen any calendar. I am sorry I got everyone excited for a calendar but, at this point; It is not going to happen.

Nice buds all. I have a surprise for everyone starting in November BOM. We have decided to add a 2nd place prize, starting in November Contest. 1st place will receive seeds as always and 2nd place will receive an ILGM T-shirt of their choice. Xmas comes early at ILGM.

Happy growing :slight_smile: lw-Admin


ILGM Blue Haze order #300046


Crystal #223763

each Piece of siding is 4 1/2 inches


296563 order number



Order #257269. Ilgm blue dream


GSCE # 259025
Sharing some fall foliage bud.


a side of SoFlo


Gorilla Glue #4
Order #252903


Did you give her a haircut for the pic :wink:

:hugs:Fresh out of the chair

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Man you all are killing it. Going to be a tough month to decide on which to vote for. I don’t have enough likes left for them all.

Good idea. My entry for next month is still growing, but the leaves on the bud look sad.

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Banana Kush order # 252692


First of all… awesome entries this month. Especially the one right above my post!

Order number 246445. Robert’s Gold Leaf, outdoors. This plant was started indoors in DWC and vegged for nearly two months, then transplanted to the ground outside with a super soil mix. The whole plant is currently around 8’ wide and 6’ tall. I trained it using a manifold, so it has eight primary branches. I’ve lost some of it to bud rot, but I had a sister plant indoors that I recently harvested, so I am not sweating a little bud loss on the way to the finish - which is in the next handful of days.