October 2021 Bud of the Month


OMG… OK, So did that girl heal? That is insane… That’s the before ? It worked rite? … Enquiringly minds are wondering?..

Thats after I cut the plant down… The branch was broken by my dog just a few weeks into flower it healed like nothing ever happened made it through flower and the cola on the end is the picture I put up for Bud of the month


The branch that I’m holding it by is the one that broke off

That is a great story with a super ending… makes me feel better with my 1.5 inch crack on my main stem… Shit Happens… :no_mouth: How much did you get out of that giant?

@Newbie1984 he’s telling you to tape your plant up. I’ve supercrop’d plants during Bloom and got Great Results. I always flower an extra 10 days. When you Crack/split the trunk without tearing the bark, the plant recovers faster.

So many people tell me all kinds of things OK, I will wait 1 week then I will tape it up, Use this use that … The plant looks good has not been 48 hours yet… Looks ok… I Know… :alien:

Thank You so much everyone on this site is so nice and cool… I learn the hard way as do we all in the beginning maybe, but it’s still exciting … When the planet is going nuts … I am getting a small Still too… LOL…


That is Excellent! … I only hope to get so good …

NICE!.. I only hope to get that close on my first grow…


The reason to tape it up is to protect it from infection sometimes I use aloe or honey then tape it up.

This was bent on purpose and this one broke at the stalk


Beautiful looking ladies and it happens to all of us…nice job

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Tape the breaks or cracks up right away. Put honey or aloe over the splits or injured area and wrap like a humans boo boo. U don’t wanna take any chances of getting infection to that messed up area. Self sticky bandage works great. I also take the water when I water the plant and soak over the area wrapped so far one of the breaks I had the worst one lol started to form some roots under the self adhesive wrap lol. Still ended up with a lovely plant I don’t think I e had any bit the one I got pissed at not make it. Lol

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Ahh after this small break and seeing what it does to that section of buds is gonna make u wanna start bending and snapping every branch u see with a bud on it lol. Helps the uptake of. Utriebts thru the stalks when u crunch the insides of the stalks. It’s like sending the nutes from a side street to the freeway after being broke. It’s an open highway for free flow

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Ya I am going to run out of room soon … I have a sauna tent may move to there … I just checked them out still green grew a few inches… in a few days… keep ya posted… I just got a 6 inch ac infinity fan figgering out the programing… have an inkbird controller for heat… mars 1000 watt light…

How long from planting to harvest? I am growing the same plant… I was wondering… I am 2 months into it just went 12/12 last week…