October 2016 Bud of the month contest


Now that is a win-win!
Prize and a great bake…


Just wanted to let you guys know, I was contacted by Latewood about my official win and seed choice,- choices, and I’m not sure if it was five packs or one,but if it was only one it sure was gonna be Gold Leaf, the other choices were, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme,Crystal,Trainwreck and Blue Dream. . And who can be greedy anyway, one pack is expensive!!
So not only was this my first grow in a long while, it was at least 5 months in the making/planning, I am also a Newbie to this community, And I won this on my Birthday !!! Oct.23rd.
I won this with Much help from All here at ILGM, there is No other site like this !! You guys Rock!!
Oh and , I"ll be entering again next Sept. so …Game on !!!
sorry they only allow 10 members to be addressed at once


Great job buddy congrats ! :thumbsup:


For entering a pic a five pack is choice. If grown to its full potential imagine the value. Great score. Im sure it aint 5 × 5 packs.


Or maybe you could have one of each. I would be satisfied with any of those options.

I’m thinking I may end up with a private calendar of nice buds. Do a winner tribute in my work area as an example of what I have to beat. :smiling_imp::wink:


I clearly stated at the top somewhere that winners would get 1 - 5 pack of seeds from the store. No mixing. Pick one pack of 5 seeds.


Platinum pack purple haze,super silver haze,gold leaf that was my pick :grinning: :v:


I understand, that was only a wish list, my choice of one 5 pack of seeds will be Gold Leaf.
Thank you All so much at ILGM.


lol, when you consider the age of some of us :older_man::older_woman: and the condition we are in, an occasional reposting doesn’t hurt.


No of course not, 5 packs would be about $400, that was only my “Wishlist” I picked Gold Leaf.


Northern Lights


nice bud…wrong month…this is from 2016, lol