Oceans perpetual cloning

Let me start by saying I am brand new to this…I am posting this here for both my own reference as well as for others to see how I do it. I give full credit to @Hellraiser for most of what I know.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m going to document my cloning experiments here, I’m making it “perpetual” as this will be on going over time, so come lean with me!!

Here is my cloner, it’s the EzClone 16 I love how sturdy and thick this is, plus the marked grid makes it really easy to keep track of what plant is where, it’s under an HLG135 Bspec on 24/0 schedule:

I started by running hot water and hydrogen peroxide through it for about 4 hours:

Next, I mixed up 1.5 gal of clear Rez, clonex and ph’d to 5.9

Then I dumped the water and hydrogen and filled the tank:

Next, I took my cuttings, shaved all growth off except the top, and cut at 45 and scraped the sides:

And here we are, some from each plant I have going now plus a pepper cutting :slight_smile:


And I made a “menu” to keep track:


Ooh ooh i pick #3 as the pepper plant lol. Looking good. I need to make me a manifold like that for inside my cloner. Let me know how it goes with roots getting tangled up in the manifold if it does or not. Was gonna buy a manifold to put in my homemade cloner yil i started to think about roots knotting aroind the manifold then rippong roots and all. So i put a half inch hose goong aroind the perimiter of the bin and drilled a bunch of small.holes in the lone for sprayers. Works great and hose is on the side walls so bo tangles. Ill b watching to see i wanna get a nice cloner now i see how it works and does a way better job than a cup and bubble stone lol


Nice setup!

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@Hellraiser need a little help…went to go check on my he little girls and this is what I see:

They seem to be turning black at the cut site. I cleaned and sterilized everything just before I put them in there, and I cleaned the trimmer with alcohol in between every cut, as well as not letting them sit out after I cut them any longer than the amount of time from when I cut it off and trimmed leaves etc and then straight to the cloner.

Not really a problem, mine do that as well at the cut site - seems more with certain strains but they root anyway, just keep them going.

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Well, 7 days…one of the wedding cake x frosty gelato, and one of the watermelon punch is rooting…the others not looking so great :frowning:

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Ok well here we are 12 days later…most are starting to grow roots, however one of them (weddingcake x frosty gelato plant 2) looks like this:

So today I’m going to change my reservoir and let them continue to go until they all look like this and then transfer them to small 1 gallon pots.


Nice rooting!

Only 5 made it, the rest never even showed a single root…so I’m gonna bleach clean my system for a while, with hot water…maybe for it twice, idk…

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Yeah I notice cuttings not rooting as well or as quickly when I keep the cloner running too long without sterilizing it between runs.

Ok, time to trim up one of the mothers, both the top and the roots. This is a watermelon punch clone that was originally planted in Nov 2020, and then that was cloned sometime mid Jan. I have kept her right around 12” tall the whole time, and have successfully taken 2 clones from her for friends. This could have gone a little longer, but I wanted to experiment some, so here we go:

Here is the start after a little defoliation and trimming

And here it is removed from the container:

The plan is to cut 1/2” - 3/4” from all 4 sides and the bottom like this (using a serrated bread knife):

First 2 sides cut:

All four sides and the bottom cut:

Now we add some fresh coco to the bottom of the container and add a little Mykos to it:

Her she is waiting to be filled in along her sides:

And here she is all filled in, very slightly packed in along the sides and ready for a fresh feeding:


Like a pro bro!

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Impressive work.