Ocean's new lab and grow :)

Hey fam, been a while!! here’s my new set-up after having to spend the last year moving across the globe to an entirely new continent! this set up utilizes a continuous cycle in twin 4x4’s, one set up for veg with a single HLG QB288 XL DIY B-spec, and then a veg tent with (Yes I know this is OVERKILL!!, but hear me out…2 - HLG 288 R-spec XL’s, 1 - HLG 288 R-spec, and 2 HLG UVA supplement all on a extruded aluminum track system I built for this, along with 6" AC Infinity oscillating fans in each…

I will be running everything in rain science 3 gallon bags, with cana-coco/pearlite (90/10 ratio) mix, and utilizing the simple Jack’s 3-2-1 method, supplementing with recharge and mykos along the way, and i will be targeting the standard 5.8PH for every feeding…and without further adu …heres the porn:

Veg tent set-up and to break it all in, I’m running a few Auto’s (which is a first for me), with a couple mowie wowie and Durban Poison on deck next: (thats my wifes tomatoe and herb starts in that tray)

Flower tent light rack:

Flower tent driver set-up:

Still to-do:

  • Complete venting to exterior
  • tidy up wiring external to tent
  • Install R/O system for feeding bucket.
  • Learn how the AC Infinity UIS system works

This set up is capable of growing 1#+ dried easily, however, my grows will be much smaller as I get it broke in as Im more into manifolding and sculpting the plants as seen in my previous grows :slight_smile:


welcome back to the grow bug…nice setup

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Welcome back @Ocean I’d like to lurk and watch this. Pretty serious looking setup you have there. :+1:t2:

What continent were and are you on?

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I am going to hang around if you don’t mind.

Well this zip code just got a bump up in value. Hello Princess!! @beachglass

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Sure by all means, don’t be shy!! check my bio to see my other grows and my equator(ish) grow house I moved from (100% legal) and now my m back in the states.


Cool. I’m in MD. I think when I first joined I might’ve perused your journal… my stoner brain has a dim foggy maybe made up memory lol


Awe shucks…you crazy guy. :crazy_face:

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Nice job on the light set up

Looking good!

Are you able to mention the reason for move?

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Welcome back Grow Bro and digging the set up :love_you_gesture:

When I retired, all the kids decided they wanted to go back to the states for college, so the wife and I decided we didn’t want to be 4000 miles away, so we moved too.


Awesome set up! If you have questions about the UIS I can help some. I found it easy to program.

That’s great….ok, how do I control these YIS fans from the controller? I can’t seem to figure that out….also im not much for automation other than timers for lights, but since I have the capability I wanna learn.

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I have found that the low trigger is mainly used for a heater or humidifier. I do not use the low triggers for my fans. I use the high triggers.

Set the OFF to what you want your min fan speed to be
Then ON as your max you want it to be
Go to auto and set your trigger temp.
Then set a transition of 1°

So fan will run at your min all the time, then when it hits your trigger it ramps up by 1 for every degree. Same works for humidty. You can set transition for every 2°. So 2° equals 1 fan speed.

Also using the app is way easier to set up.

Once you figure out how to set it up per port, you can go to Automations. And set a group of fans or light settings you can turn on and off.
Ex. One for beans, one for veg, one for flower. All with different triggers and settings.

Im just getting started so I haven’t put all mine together but here is my current Automation for exhaust in tent to kick fan up with lights out to take humidity out.

I also have my lights to fade over 30 min for sunrise and sunset.

Hipe that helps some. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Ran a line from my RO feeding my water faucet, so now I don’t even have to move the bucket to fill up for a feeding

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